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TV: Smallville

Music Recommendation: “Weapon” by Matthew Good Band

Smallville is my favorite show. Hands down, with out question. Many come close, but nothing competes with the memories spent watching this show (several times). I love Superman. He honestly gives me this [un]realistic hope that this world isn’t totally screwed up and doomed to destroy itself. There are actual writers out there who have created the ultimate hero. He believes in truth and justice. He fights for our safety. He’s from a world beyond ours, sent to correct our wrongs. He’s courageous and charismatic. He’s strong, but not a macho jerk – too difficult to connect with. He doesn’t let us get pushed around by bullies – including the government (#ARGUS #Checkmate #Cadmus). He’s some guy, to say the least. Plus, his cover is a journalist. Out of all things. He likes to be in the know and have a voice within this world that he’s saving on a reg. Did I mention that he’s easy on the eyes, too?

4 Clark

Well, hey there good looking.

Ok, ok. Let’s talk Smallville.

I started watching Smallville during it’s fourth season. Flipping through the channels, I caught the episode, Devoted (on The WB), and I was hooked. Like I said, I love Superman and comics in general so automatically I was baited into being a fan of this show. To jump in on this episode was quite the experience. I had no idea who most of the characters were – but it was set in high school. From my previous posts, you know how much I love high school / teen dramas. Then, there was this guy with super strength saving his friends from being pummeled to death by jocks affected by a super gatorade-esque drink spiked with love potion from cheerleaders – WHAT!? Then, I realized the super strong guy’s name was Clark. Clark Kent. And one of the girls’ name was Lois. devoted1

Hold the phone. As in Superman ‘Clark and Lois’?? Let me just read up on the show… It’s called SMALLVILLE. Surely enough this was a show about the teen life of Superman and his journey to becoming Superman. I hurried up and found out what channels were airing the first few seasons and never looked back! Thanks ABC Family.

The show is what got me into my other favorite sci-fi dramas including Charmed, Buffy, Angel, Roswell, Supernatural, Heroes, and Firefly. The list certainly goes on. More than just a high school drama, the show was an interesting interpretation on the story that I thought I already I knew. A funny thing about my experience with this show is that I couldn’t exactly binge watch it like I can do now a days (except for ABC Family’s marathons). I watched a few episodes out of order, because I had to catch it when it was being syndicated on ABC Family. The first episode I watched after Devoted was Zero, from season one. I was also watching season four as it aired on The WB. Basically, I was all over the place with this show and when I finally circled back to the pilot episode – I wouldn’t let anything or anyone disturb me from catching on to every name, every Superman reference, every romantic moment between Clark and Lana, because I was trying to figure out what had happened with those two while watching the current fourth season. Because you know, Lois was there.

21 Lana

21 Clark

Clark’s default ‘playing dumb’ face.

Then, after experiencing (watching) the rocky relationship between Clark and Lana during the three seasons, Lois’s entrance to the show was a breathe of fresh air. I mean, I love Clark and Lana’s drama and romance, but after a few seasons of Clark’s lies and Lana’s demands – Lois’s quirkiness and kick-ass attitude coupled with Clark’s awkwardness was amazing to watch.

lois and clark s4

lois and clark 4.2

Their chemistry was undeniable!

Now that I have watched the entire series (several times over) and own all of the seasons on DVD – I am pretty much something of an expert on all things Smallville. Here are some of the things that I absolutely love about the show, along with things that annoy me as well. There were a few things that I thought I was entitled to seeing on the show and at times (later seasons) the show didn’t live up to my expectations in terms of character interpretations and connections to the comics (and the animated Superman and Justice League series). I mean it’s my favorite show, and I am not shy to talk about some of the crap that I had to put up with while watching it as the writers were really testing me in the later seasons. So, here we go…

Clark Kent

My first impression of Clark was: Wow, he’s pretty. Seriously, Tom Welling is absolutely beautiful and back in 2001, he played the heck out of the high school freshman Clark Kent. From the comics, I expected the stereotypical terribly awkward and clumsy kind of a guy (even though Clark was faking it to mask his totally poised nature). And sure, Tom did ‘justice’ to Clark’s awkward and clumsy nature (see what I did there), but the stereotypical high school (outsider) was NOT an impression that Tom could even try to fake. I mean, the guy looked like a modern day prince charming. Gorgeous.

23 Clark

His eyes alone could pierce right through you (even without the heat vision)! Now, enough with my semi-objectifying of Tom Welling. His portrayal of how lonely Clark was and how strongly he just wanted to fit in and be a normal teenager in high school was believable, especially scenes where he would tower over everyone as they moved out and about their lives without him.

Due to his burgeoning super powers, early on in the series he had to miss out on being a part of sports (football), being totally honest about this whereabouts (when he was saving people), and dating. He actually only wanted to date one girl in particular, Lana Lang, but she wore a meteor rock (kryptonite) necklace – so she literally made Clark weak to his knees when she was around him. But, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her and I loved seeing their longing stares.

2 Clark

2 Lana

Other than his love for Lana, Clark had to deal with obeying his father’s wishes (Jonathan Kent) to just blend in and try his best not to get caught using his powers, while at the same time accepting that he is different from everyone else.

clark jonathan

A lot to put on a teenager’s shoulders, huh? Since Clark had the superhero mentality from the beginning, he couldn’t just sit and watch when danger loomed over his town. He was always at the right place at the wrong time or the wrong place at the right time – depending on how you look at it. So when the time came for questions to be asked, Clark had to lie about his whereabouts or his connection to anything beyond the normal. Most of the time he tried to prove his innocence to his best friend (soon-to-be-arch-nenemis)…

Lex Luthor

Some of the best scenes in Smallville come from Clark trying to convince Lex that he’s totally a normal teen and the fact that he was always at the scene of something out of the normal happening was totally a coincidence. I got to give it to Lex, he does try his best to believe Clark in the beginning and just wants a normal friendship. Clark was like the brother that he didn’t get the chance to have (re: Julian and all of the other bros/siblings (Tess) that popped up later on). He even protects Clark on a number occasions when his money could do the talking.

But, Lex always had something dark inside of him and I think all of the lies and deceit (coming from his end too) just caught up with him and blurred the lines between good and evil. His distrust of Clark after he knew for sure that Clark was lying to his face (Lex’s got resources, so it was only a matter of time when he could buy the truth) ate away at his soul and he couldn’t and wouldn’t take it any more. The same with Clark. Season five’s Mortal allowed both Clark and Lex to punch it out on an even playing field when Clark became mortal.

Mortal 2 Mortal 3

Clark knew that Lex was losing his soul (figuratively and literally) and there would be times when he knew Lex was definitely lying to his face. All of the back and forth – I’m your best friend – I would never lie to you – You can trust me – pretty much crumbled their friendship and Clark made it his mission to catch Lex in his wrong doings and Lex wanted to reveal Clark’s true powers (and take advantage of them).

There’s a perfect example in season four’s Transference. How could Clark explain this situation? Other than the fact that his body was possessed by the evil Lionel Luthor and Lionel was using Clark’s powers against Lex…

choking lex?

Of course, when Clark approached Lex again (having returned to his own body), Lex was prepared for some answers. Like right now!

defend lex 2

defend lex

I’ll just play dumb and hopefully he buys it.

Clark always had to play dumb and convince Lex to believe some story of how he “wasn’t himself” and that the strength was “adrenaline”or something. Slap to the forehead! Really? That wasn’t the only time this type of situation and even crazier situations have happened to prove that Clark and Lex’s relationship would be the stuff of legends. I think Lex’s final descent into darkness came in season four’s Onyx, when Lex is literally split into his two selves – good and evil.

Face / Off, I mean Transference

Season four’s Transference is one of my favorite episodes as it reminds me of one of one of my favorite films, Face / Off, starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage. Basically, good guy’s identity is held hostage by his nemesis via face swapping. Hmm, I wonder if the writers knew what they were doing here. In any case, it’s a great episode, especially the prison fight scene with Jimmy Eat World’s Pain playing as the soundtrack. But look, am I wrong…

face off 1

I’d like to take his face…off.

lionel prison 3

clark prison 2

And then…

castor troy prison

lionel prison

Come at me, bro.


john travolta face off

Did you catch that reference?

Chloe, The Wall of Weird, and Meteor Freaks

Back at Smallville High School, home of the Smallville Crows…Clark has this genius and adorable bestie named Chloe Sullivan. Chloe was one of the names I didn’t recognized when I first watched Devoted, so I didn’t catch on quick enough that I was watching a show about Superman. Chloe is a character made up specifically for the show as a “Lois Lane proto-type.” She’s the editor and chief at The Torch (high school paper) and the pioneer of the Wall of Weird.

chloe wall of weird

She’s collected clippings and articles about the paranormal and ‘weirdness’ in Smallville after the first meteor shower (Clark’s plight to Earth from the planet Krypton). A mere notebook couldn’t contain all of the strange and questionable happenings, so she used a wall. Of course, she showed the wall to Clark to impress him, but little did she know that Clark is the sole reason that her wall even exists. The wall jumpstarts Clark’s mission to help those that he affected by coming to Earth and allowing people to be transformed by the infected meteors and thus becoming monsters of themselves and wreaking havoc in Smallville. Thanks, Chloe.

clark chloe

And the monster of the week is…

The infected persons are dubbed ‘Meteor Freaks’ (basically meta-humans or mutants). The kryptonite-laced meteor fragments from the meteor shower somehow mixed into their system during some extraordinary event, like getting caught in frozen water littered with kryptonite meteor rocks for an extended period of time (Ice Man-type freak), or having a flock of insects attack you after crashing your car full of kryptonite infected insects (Bug Boy-type freak). After the freaks set their sights on destroying those who’ve wronged them while they were relatively normal teens – Clark comes in to save the day! With a little help from his friends…

clark and pete and chloe

Chloe (along with Pete Ross [who annoys me, so I’m not going to bother writing about him]) is unknowingly and knowingly Clark’s sidekick – filling him in on the freaks and giving him a head start on how to stop them from causing more damage. Once again, thanks Chloe. But of course, Clark has to lie about how and why he can even go toe to toe with the freaks to stop them.

play dumb chloe 2

play dumb chloe

I’ll just play dumb and hopefully she buys it.

Before long, it’s revealed that Chloe is in love with Clark (how could she not be) and just being his sidekick and best friend was not always enough. Clark did love Chloe (how could he not), albeit only as a friend.

chloe adorable

How could you not love this smile?

Their bond grows deeper after she finds out that she was right all along about Clark being extraordinary. All of the lies and dumb excuses start to make sense and Clark can just tell Chloe that he’s going to save the day and she’s like, ‘I got your back’ and gladly embraces her sidekick status! THANKS. CHLOE.

chloe sidekick

Clark’s Loves

I mentioned earlier that the early seasons of Smallville centered around Clark’s love for Lana Lang. And I admit, I rooted for them until I realized that Lois Lane would soon be gracing Smallville with her presence and SHE was Clark’s soulmate. But I was torn (still am) by which girl is rightfully Clark’s true love. I sometimes argue that Chloe is Clark’s true love by her wit and heroism from the earlier seasons – before the writers turned her into some sort of ‘computer wiz’ and living ‘brainiac’ in the later seasons. Seriously, after she leaves The Daily Planet, she loses her Chloe-ness that I grew to love over the years. I mean, she rightfully deserved to be at the Daily Planet and that’s more than I can say for Lois Lane (later on).

chloe daily planet

But Lois’s first few seasons (seasons four – five and some of six) were when I loved her the most. She was strong and quippy. Most of all, she ticked Clark off. Before Lois, Clark tried his best to get along with everyone and was always Mr. Likable until Lois came around to shake things up. There was actually someone to annoy Clark and to get him into ‘normal’ trouble with his folks like in season four’s Gone.

tough lois 5

tough lois 6

tough lois 8

Didn’t know Clark had it in him, huh Mrs. K?

tough lois 7

Lois drove Clark crazy…in an adorable way. The more she spoke up for herself and got herself into hot water, the more Clark had to step in and be HER sidekick. I think he liked that about her.

Lois and Clark usual

However, in later seasons, Lois becomes this whiney damsel, pining after The Blur (Clark’s first attempt of a Superhero name). I got so sick of her meeting in the telephone booth, calling after this mysterious shadow vigilante. I honestly think, their relationship was rushed into a romantic one anyway. Especially since the writers kind of weakened her character after she already dated two other superheroes in previous seasons (Aquaman and Green Arrow). I struggled taking her and Clark seriously. I never saw the romantic-chemistry between the two of them like I saw between Clark and Lana.

25 Clark 25 Lana

I feel like the writers were shoving Lois and Clark down our throats after Lana left the show. The earlier seasons took the time to show Clark falling in love with Lana, and she with him. Clark put Lana through so much crap, because she knew that he loved her and she let him pull her in. But he wasn’t honest with her and all of the lies pushed her away. The fact that she loved him made her forgive him on many occasions and Clark constantly had to try his best to be the best for her while at the same time keeping his responsibilities in check. His true identity could put her in more trouble than he already had by being close to him (re: season three’s Exile). When he did hurt her, it took him time to forgive himself to be close with her again. He had to push her away to keep her safe, but Lana didn’t understand that.

11 Lana

11 Clark

Even at some of Clark’s most vulnerable moments like in season five’s Reckoning, when Jonathan Kent dies. Lana tried to hold on to the threads of her love for Clark, even though he was hardening up and closing himself off. If she knew what he was really going through (Clark going back in time to save her from dying and instead Jonathan’s life is switched for hers), she probably wouldn’t have been so hard on him about the faults in their relationships.

JK funeral LanaJK funeral Clark

Which is why Lana started to tick me off in later seasons. She treated Clark like he was this horrible person (mainly because he sometimes had to be to keep her safe) who lied and willingly hurt her feelings. I hated the both of them for treating each other terribly (especially Lana marrying Lex in season six’s Promise). I think Clark could have just told her the truth though instead of stringing her along all of those years. She found out eventually, though, and it’s excellent. But, being honest from the start would have saved them both a lot of heartache. However, Reckoning was a gift of an episode where Clark actually told Lana everything and proposed to her.

14 Clark14 Lana

Their blissfulness led them down a dangerous path, though, as Lana (now knowing Clark’s secret) became a target to Lex’s crazed demand to be in on the truth as well…resulting in Lana dying. Clark (not having that) changes the past and this time around he doesn’t tell her the truth, thus further pushing Lana away, losing her anyway. She’s now the reason Jonathan is gone, Clark unintentionally weighing her life over his own father’s. The episode is beautiful though, especially the ending soundtracked with Peter Gabriel’s I Grieve. The episode is what I had been waiting to see happen between Clark and Lana FOR YEARS, but I also got to see how (why) Lana knowing Clark’s secret was a dangerous idea.

No matter how much in love Clark was with Lana, I don’t think Clark trusted her enough to be strong enough to handle whatever bad could happen to her if she knew his secret. At least, not in the beginning. It could be that he loved her too much to burden her with the task of keeping his secret. Though she found out eventually and we see how well that worked out (Clark ends up with Lois). All of their ups and downs made a relationship worth watching on television, though.

playing dumb lana

I’ll just play dumb and hopefully…

playing dumb lana 2

Not this time, Clark!

When the Comics Invade Smallville

I think Smallville finally became Superman’s story, when more other DC superheroes and villains made their way to town. Season four introduced a few comic characters like Myxlplyx in Jinx, Bart Allen (“Impulse” / The Flash) in Runand of course Lois Lane in Crusade. Also, Clark (as Kal-El) actually flies in this episode and it’s amazing!

clark flies

Season five introduces fan favorites like Brainiac (played by Buffy alum James Masters), Aquaman, and Cyborg. I think season six is where the series and comics smash-collide in a great way. Green Arrow becomes a re-occurring character, later to become a series regular, played by Justin Hartley.

His presence pushes Clark to finally see that he can’t do this whole saving the world thing alone and needs a little help from others like him – superheroes. You gotta love season six’s Justice. Seeing so many of DC’s finest in live action was something Smallville fans (DC fans in general) had been waiting on for a long time. Can you imagine how stoked I am for Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad next year?

justice league smallville

We get a full view of Martian Manhunter in season six’s Phantom (he’s introduced in season six’s Static). Season seven introduces Kara Kent (Supergirl) who’s a series regular that season. Clark basically gets to train her to get used to her abilities just as he had to do in earlier seasons. He became something of a big brother figure. His relationship with Kara was strong, because he had to protect her from those willing to exploit her (cough, Lex) and teach her about the importance of having a secret identity. The thing was, Kara wasn’t raised by humans and she didn’t like to think of her powers as a secret or burden. Well, until she meets Jimmy Olsen (introduced in season six). Then, she wants to be a relatively normal girl. Overall, Kara and Clark’s relationship on the show is a great nod to the comics.

kara smallville

In the case of other characters like Davis Bloome, Tess Mercer, and ‘Major’ Zod – I could have lived without on the show. Surely they tried to fill the void of the villain / anti-hero after Lex Luthor left in season seven. I mean, maybe if they had more time to develop and they started their origins in earlier seasons, I would have taken them more seriously. But honestly, after seeing Lex from season one to his last episode (not including his return in season ten’s series finale) and him developing as the villain, any other bad guy was just filler. Tess Mercer was forced on us and I grew annoyed by how she was supposedly bad, but also good. What made Lex’s villain status so amazing was his chemistry with Clark. Something the later villains lacked.

Characters like Hawkman, Black Canary, and Dr. Fate’s time on the show was just so rushed and I didn’t care about their characters other than the fact they were from the comics. That’s what pains me the most about the series – rushed storylines and empty-important characters. Yeah, sure it’s great to see the Justice League coming into fruition, but what about filling out the characters more? Major props to the costume department though. At least the characters looked great!

canary and flash

…before they were on The Flash

Hanging with my favorite Martian.

Hanging with my favorite Martian.

Anyway, I love the show and I’m sure that if I watch the series again (for the hundredth time), I’ll spot even more things that I love and hate about it. I grew with the show as a teen and now that I am an adult, my perspective of certain characters could possibly change. Maybe. In any case, I hold the show dear and there’s so much more that I could say about it. I mean season eight through ten deserve their own blog (Post-Lex Smallville). Then there’s my love/hate view of what the series did with The Daily Planet and how Lois and Clark somehow became journalists without finishing college. Or even, community college. Then I could rant about Chloe’s character evolution.

Plus, there’s all of the actors that started on Smallville and went into their own series or starred in other DC related films: Jensen Ackles (Supernatural), Adam Brody (The OC), Amy Adams (Man of Steel), Ian Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries), and Paul Wesley (The Vampire Diaries). Then, there’s appearance from Brian Austin Green and Tori Spelling (Beverly Hills, 90210), Christopher Reeve (Superman), Lynda Carter (Wonder Woman series), Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher (Lois & Clark), Carrie Fisher (Star Wars), and so on! Also, Smallville set the tone for new DC comic-centric shows on The CW like Arrow, The Flash, and even Gotham (on Fox). So much to discuss, and maybe I’ll do a part two. Maybe. Watch the series if you have enough time for ten seasons!

‘Til Next Time.

P.S. I do not own any of the photos (or videos) and I do not claim any credit for any of their edits. :)

lost in my mind

Music: “Lost In My Mind” by The Head and the Heart

“Cause there are stars up above…”

If I had to choose a song to define my life, right now, in this very moment, it would be ‘Lost In My Mind’ by The Head and the Heart. There’s just something light and airy about the mellow ‘Woo Hoo’s’ throughout the track. Kind of a staple of indie tunes these days with bands like Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, Of Monsters and Men, Mumford and Sons, and The Lumineers – all with their ‘Hey Ho’s’. And you know what, it’s fine if The Head and the Heart gets lumped in with the indie crowd, because I love these bands too and they all come to the rescue when I’m in need of some chill / positive vibes tunes.

Anyway, what I like about “Lost In My Mind” is how it seems to be having a conversation with me or how it’s somehow giving me a pep-talk. Then, after the talk it allows me to breathe a bit (the woo-hoos). It’s like “there are stars up above / we can start moving forward”. There’s a bigger picture. I can chill out and stop stressing about everything: applying to grad school, deciding what I want my career to be, saving the planet…These things can be smothering and overbearing, especially when it’s all that I think about, everyday, consecutively. “I get lost in my mind.”

The track is just a nice, but stern pat on the back. And I say this to everyone: keep going and stay positive. Stay focused, but don’t lose your mind.

‘Til next time.

angela cover

TV: My So-Called Life

Music Recommendation: “Pressure” by Sunscreem

I bet you guys knew this one was coming, especially after the Felicity post. What can I say, I have a knack for teen dramas, especially smart ones, and most especially from the 90’s. To know that My So-Called Life had only ONE season still puzzles me, because it’s brilliant and basically serves as a guide to LIFE [in high school] and as a human being. One of the most amazing aspects of the show is how we’re allowed to be inside of Angela’s head, the protagonist. We’re up close and personal and some of the things that she says or experiences sometimes makes us blush of embarrassment, because we’re just too close to the moment. Then, her relationship with her parents can be quite unnerving (a word said a lot in the show), because you know – she’s a teenage girl trying to find her footing and her parents are trying to figure out how to continue to be her parents without activating a ticking bomb. I remember those days quite clearly and I am thankful to be passed them! High school was all about waiting for something more interesting and amazing to happen later on. Down the line.


Sitting, waiting, wishing…

The show is a gem and maybe it is best that there’s only one season. There wasn’t a chance for the show to over-saturate us with the unnerving teenage mind or for it to jump the shark with the college years (cough, Saved by the Bell). Then again, the college years could have been great (a la Felicity or Boy Meets World). Guess we’ll never know. The ending is left to our own interpretations and we can let our imaginations decide what eventually happens to Angela, Rayanne, Ricky, Brian, Sharon, Jordan, and the rest of the gang. I hold the show dear and here are some of my favorite aspects of the show.

Being Inside of Angela’s Head

Angela says some of the darnedest things. She’s often observing her fellow classmates, friends, and family experiencing some of life’s tedious and coming of age moments. Often times she gets lost in her own head as she tries to sort out what’s happening in the moment and then offers up some of her ‘teenangsty’ wisdom. She points out the obvious, but her tone emphasizes either her disgust, irritation, boredom, happiness, or whatever (another phase often said in the show).

angela 2

angela 3

The fact that we’re inside her head reveals the truthfulness in situations. I think for the most part she’s honest with herself, so reading her mind (listening to her thoughts) allows us to see the true Angela. The raw truth in the situation. But…

Angela 1

His name is Jordan Catalano

Do you all remember what it was like to have that time/life consuming crush in high school? Or even in junior high? Heck, or college? I certainly do and you know what, I would give anything to visit my younger self and say – snap out of it! Seriously, there would be moments where I would totally ignore the real world around me because I would be so love-sick about the boy that had no idea how amazing I thought he was. He could sneeze and I would think that it was the cutest thing ever. And if he said something to me, I would over-analyze the hell out of whatever he said. Even if he was asking me about homework. His tone, his eye contact, his poise – everything would be going a million miles an hour through my head. I can just slap myself for wasting so much time just thinking when I could have accomplished greater things like learning how to swim, drive, or play the guitar. But that’s being a teenage girl for ya.

jordan love

Angela goes through the same thing. She is totally in love with Jordan Catalano, a boy in her class who was held back a few times. Sounds like a catch, huh? He’s the typical ‘semi-bad’ boy with issues. Brooding and mysterious. He’s in a band and he loves his car. He’s also played by the gorgeous Jared Leto…so yeah I can kind of cut Angela some slack in that regard.

frozen embryos

Angela is so love-struck by Jordan that she totally obsesses over the tiniest things about him like the small hole in his shirt, the way he blinks, and…


Yes, she even gets her friends in on the obsession and they are glad to point out when he’s near in the hallways at school or where he’s hanging out later on. I remember how my friends used to swoon whenever my crush would step inside the classroom or if he looked in my direction. I would die a little inside of embarrassment and they would laugh their heads off. Angela got plenty of that from her two besties, Ricky and Rayanne.

I think some of the best moments with Jordan came from when Angela somehow got maneuvered to be alone with him or she self-orcistrated their alone time. Their two totally different personalities and body language would scream incompatibility, but you just wanted Jordan to want Angela, because you wanted Jordan.

stop talking

I mean, sure he was into Angela (she was the good girl), but she was way too into him because he was ‘cool’. They weren’t compatible or anything though. I think high school and even junior high is where you have to kiss a few frogs to figure out that just because the guy is gorgeous and mysterious, doesn’t mean that you should date him! But their moments were cute and all too realistic that it would be painful to watch them sometimes. angela 4

Here’s one of my favorite Angela and Jordan moments

New friends, Old friends, and Maybe friends

So being in high school means a lot of growing up and changing. Sometimes the changes mean desiring different settings, different clothes, different friends. The show begins with Angela hanging out with her new best friend, Rayanne – the outsider. She is often described as something of a slut with a heart of gold. She drinks a lot and her wardrobe is on the atrocious side…even accounting for it being the 90’s. But Angela is indeed fascinated by Rayanne’s bold personality and independence. Rayanne is always on some sort of high and she just goes with the flow. She knows what’s ‘happening’ and who’s-who’s. Angela is Rayanne’s opposite and desires more of Rayanne’s hipness.

Rayanne hat

Rayanne, the cool cat

With that said, this means that Angela ends up leaving her old friends behind, like Sharon. Sharon is Angela’s childhood best friend. Her family is close with Angela’s family and she’s basically Angela’s sister.


Hangouts with Sharon

But Sharon is a different type of friend than Rayanne. Sharon is growing up too and is landing more on the popular/ homecoming queen end of the high school spectrum. Angela notices how their bodies are developing at different rates and she begins to feel inferior to someone that she has known to be just like her most of her life.

different ways

Angela wants to be someone different. Her friendship with Sharon was predictable in a way and even though Sharon is loyal and sweet, Angela wants to dare herself to experience life through Rayanne’s lens. That means dying her hair red (because Rayanne says it’s cool) and becoming an ‘outsider’. Sharon loathes Rayanne for stealing away her friend and brainwashing her in a way. But Sharon has to see both Angela and Rayanne at school and it can get pretty awkward.

Ricky, Rayanne’s sidekick and the fashionista questioning his sexuality. He certainly has a beautiful soul and anchors Rayanne when she’s at her worst. Angela also learns what loyalty is from Ricky’s tolerance for Rayanne’s wild behavior and screw-ups.


Kickin’ it in the ladies room

Ricky also teaches Angela to love herself and be appreciative of her family and support.


The lovely Ricky Vasquez

The beauty of high school though is learning to identify with more than one friend and bringing old friends and new friends together. Everyone admires somebody, even if they hate to admit it. Surely there’s a curiosity of what it’s like to be someone else or to hang out with so-and-so. Sharon eventually gets onboard with Angela’s new squad, because what they all have in common is that they love Angela.


We can all share Angela

I also love how Angela’s squad eventually includes Brian Krakow and Jordan Catalano. Sure Brian is Angela’s annoying, nosey, know-it-all neighbor who always has some critique about how Angela is living her life and Jordan is well…Jordan. I think Brian stays close to Angela and the gang because yeah, he’s in love with her, but he’s also inspired by how Angela allows herself to change and associate with different people. Brian can be somewhat awkward, cold, and judgmental – but I think he’s more hard on himself than anyone.


He wants Angela to stay the way that he is comfortable with, but he also wants her to be different and blossom so that he can challenge himself to do the same. In the mean time, he knows how to piss people off and be brutally honest. Which is fun to watch.

or whatever

Jordan ends up in the circle mostly because he and Angela start dating, but also because he begins to learn from her and her friends, like Ricky and Brian. Here are two very different guys in Angela’s life that can teach him a thing or two. Ricky teaches him to be more personable and Brian teaches him to use his brain and not be a stereotypical airhead-hot guy without any prospects after high school.

whatever happens

Falling for Angela means stepping up and trying to be a better version of himself, because Angela deserves that. She and her friends teach him, but he also teaches Angela to loosen up and stop over-analyzing life.

big deal

Family Matters

Some of the most powerful moments in the show focus on Angela’s relationship with her family. Her mom is the overbearing, ‘I know what’s best for you’ type. She overanalyzes the changes that Angela makes with her appearance and her friends. Angela has to fight back her irritation with her mom on many occasions. 

angela 5

But Patricia ‘Patty’ Chase, is played by the stunning and talented Bess Armstrong though so the more you hate her, the more you love her. She just exudes beauty and strength. Her strong judgment of Angela is her way of trying to figure out how to parent a teenager while making sure that her daughter doesn’t lose her identity all too quickly. Patty was adopted and spent her high school years as the prom queen, popular girl. She knows how cruel the kids can be to those on the ‘outside’ and she certainly knows how it feels to be estranged from your family. Angela may want to stab her mom at times, but deep down she just wants to be accepted and live up to the standards that Patty holds for her.

angela and mom

Bess knows best

While Patty was prom queen, Angela’s dad, Graham Chase was on the other end of the spectrum in high school. He went to the same high school as Patty, but she never noticed him. Doesn’t that say something about relationships in high school, or am I over thinking it? I just know that my goal was always to fit in with everyone: popular, smart, outsiders, and even the rebels. I just enjoyed everyone’s view of high school and their expectations of life after high school. It was refreshing to be neutral on the spectrum, but I know that many other people saw me as whatever they believed I was. Popular. Smart. Outsider. Rebel. Or, whatever.

The fact that Patty ends up marrying someone that she didn’t even know existed in her little high school bubble is quite interesting. She passed her future husband in the halls, probably looked right at him on more than one occasion and didn’t feel a thing. Funny how things turn out.

patty and graham

Anyway, Angela and Graham’s relationship becomes uncomfortable as Angela grows up. She notices things about her dad that make her question his faithfulness to her mom. It’s like she stops viewing him as dad and sees him as a man, which unnerves her.

graham and some other woman

That’s not Patty

The older Angela gets the more disgusted she becomes with her parents relationship, because she’s no longer blinded by the innocent lens of a child towards them. She sees them as people, flaws and all. Graham struggles with Patty’s overbearingness and need for perfection and he slightly strays from his marriage, having a mental affair. Angela catches on and doesn’t like what she sees.

Removing the unfaithful husband factor, Angela grows further from Graham because she’s becoming a woman and it’s just not comfortable being around her dad anymore. I think many women can relate going through that phase. Plus, your parents just know things about you that are too personal – because they went through it already.

Parents 1

I can also relate to Angela’s relationship with her younger sister, Danielle. As Angela grows up and becomes interested in boys and makes these new friends, Danielle is left to wonder about Angela’s more interesting life. She can’t go out to parties or make-out with guys. She can’t dye her hair and her mom still picks out most of her clothes. Her sister is the coolest person she knows, which makes her feel uncool, uninteresting, and unworthy of attention. Which makes Danielle envy and become more of a nuisance toward Angela.

I went through the same thing with my older cousin. She started dating and hung out with some rebellious chicks. I just felt like she had forgotten about me and our moments playing with Barbie dolls and riding our bikes in the yard. Suddenly her life was more interesting and I was left to be treated like a child, while she had freedom. The funny thing is that I became an Angela to my own little sister. I took my cousin’s place and my sister had to watch me grow up and do things that she still wasn’t allowed to do. It just sucks watching the person you admire the most pass you up and you get stuck on the sidelines.

angela sister

Be the person that inspires you for Halloween

Oh 90’s, how I miss thee

I love that the show is set in the mid-90’s. Cue alternative tracks from bands like The Cranberries, Buffalo Tom, and Stone Temple Pilots. Cue the grunge culture with the numerous oversized plaid flannels. I love it. I absolutely love it. The dyed/ spiked/ bobbed/ long and wavy hair with barrettes. The dark lip liner. The floral dresses and floppy hats. The combat boots over tube socks, over tights. The references to Nirvana and Kurt Cobain’s unfortunate suicide in 1994.


This was the era of rave culture and laptop-less DJs. The era of note passing in class. You had to show up and hang with your friends instead of texting from afar. The times seemed easier, but more complicated at the same time. Looking back at the style, I can’t help but wonder what on earth were we thinking? I was a kid at the time, but my parents didn’t shy away from dressing me in the attire. I miss it though. Skateboards and cut off long shorts with Chuck Taylor’s. The 90’s pioneered the grungy-skater look while people today kind of just pose in what has already transpired and expired. Certainly the music will never be the same and I can go on and on about how house, techno, rock and alternative music today is just NOT the same quality and doesn’t hold a candle to the 90’s or even the early 00’s. I’ll forever be nostalgic to the times and this show is a nice little time machine.

angela style


There’s so much going on with Rayanne’s outfit, but she’s still fabulous

rayanne style

ryanne style

I see you rocking’ those tights and barrettes, girlfriend

The Elusive Tino

Whenever there’s a party or something cool happening, Rayanne or Jordan assured the squad that Tino would hook them up with access, a ride, or fake IDs.

tino 1

The thing is, Tino is never shown. He’s the running gag on the show: the coolest person ever with the keys to the kingdom, but we never see him. We just know that if Tino will be at the party, then you know it’s the place to be! At the same time though, he’s like the flimsiest guy ever and not that dependable. He even quits Jordan’s band.



At the end of the day, Angela, though seemingly self-absorbed and overly obsessive, eventually acknowledges that the people around her inspired her to change for the better and that she also inspired them. Life extends beyond high school and it’s important to enjoy the different people while you can before your teenage years are over. Angela’s friends mattered. Her family mattered. She mattered. All of the moments as a teenager seemed so important, and they taught her what it meant to grow up, love, forgive, and be comfortable in one’s own skin.

small things

‘Til next time.

P.S. Count how many times Shannon Leto pops up throughout the show. Who else is a 30 Seconds to Mars fan?

shannon leto

the oc cover

TV: The OC

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve been adding music recommendations before my posts. The shows I love usually have amazing soundtracks and here is where I recommend at least one song that I think shapes the series and is just a great listen.

“If You Leave” by Nada Surf (re: OMD)

Also, this month’s theme must be teen dramas in terms of television. I mean I couldn’t watch Beverly Hills, 90210, One Tree Hill, or even Felicity without thinking about The OC. Trust me though guys, my love for television spans multiple genres. But I think that’s how I’ll posts my favorite shows for now on – by genre or style. So for the rest of the month and maybe the next few weeks, let’s talk about teen dramas.

And without further ado –welcome oc

A little background: I started watching The OC in high school. It was actually the first series that I purchased on DVD and then I couldn’t break the habit. I really should make more walking space in my room. Anyway, watching this show in high school made me super anxious and feel unfulfilled with my own life. I wanted to be in California. That was all. I wanted friends like Seth, Summer, Ryan, and even Marissa – with all of her drama. I wanted to hang out on boardwalks and eat California tacos. I wanted to sail to Tahiti. I wanted to debut at a cotillion ball. I wanted to have the beach be practically in my backyard. Like I said, I was anxious. My high school life just didn’t seem up to par with the crew in Newport Beach. So, I watched the show and became something of a shell. And yeah, this kind of sounds depressing, and at the time – it was.

seth music

Basically, this was my life.

The OC didn’t cause my depression though, it was actually a form of escape like all of my favorite TV series. I was able to live through these characters and situations and just go through the motions in my real life. Maybe if I was more social and watched less TV, I could have healed my situation, but I seriously doubt it. I was always thinking beyond high school – unconsciously ignoring that whole era in my life as I was living it. Thinking about other worlds, societies, and groups of people. I could go on, but since this is becoming something else outside of a post about The OC, let’s get right into why I love this show: “California, here we come…”

Seth Cohen’s World

Naturally, I watched this show through the lens of Seth Cohen. I related so much to him as a high school student, being a music-holic and all-around fandom enthusiast. His taste in music was the same as mine. We both loved comics. We both made the people around us endure our film and pop cultural references and general sarcasm about everything. Even today,  my own mother doesn’t know if I’m being sincere or NAH. The same for Kirsten and Sandy Cohen.

Seth was just Seth. He lived in his own bubble (until Ryan came along) and had his own quirks and interests.

His love for music, comics, games, and film was the reason why his life was so colorful. His real life shut him out, because he was different from most of the teens in his hood. So, like a natural outsider and dreamer – he took refuge in the fictional worlds that appealed to him. Sounds familiar?

comic books

Geekin’ out about comic books, video games, and film made him knowledgeable about just about every type of ‘character’ (person) and ‘world’ (society). This is what made him brilliant and a little annoying to be around, because sometimes his references would go over any other person’s head. Again, I can relate. But then again, Seth was creative and could connect his world with the world of comics and eventually developed his own series (with that one guy Zach).

atomic county

When Ryan came along, Seth had someone to talk to – about himself. He spent pretty much his whole life inside of his own head and when there was someone around who would listen (re: had to listen) – he wouldn’t shut up about his many issues and interests. Actually, you guys are kind of like my Ryan – here to read my spiel on everything that interests and annoys me. Thanks, I really appreciate it.

seth self- absorbed

Having Ryan around meant that Seth could voice is thoughts about things that he would normally have to deal with in his own head. Unfortunately for Ryan, he had a lot to talk about and his thoughts usually just revolved around himself and Summer, but mostly himself. This made him somewhat self-absorbed and edgy all of the time. Great for us, but bad for Ryan – because he’s got his own problems to sort out. More on that in a bit.

talk about himself

Seth and Ryan’s relationship opened both of their eyes to worlds beyond anything they could’ve ever dreamed of understanding. Ryan, with his life with a drunky mom (Seth and Ryan would later learn that they have this in common) or him living from couch to couch – having grown up watching his mom get smacked around by asshole men – including his own dad. Then, his older brother, Trey, wasn’t much of a positive influence as he stole cars. This is actually how Ryan ended up living with Seth and The Cohen family in the first place. Guess I forgot to do a premise. But, that’s pretty much the gist of it. Ryan grew up on the other side of the tracks, so to speak. Seth, on the other hand, grew up in the world of the affluent and entitled. His father Sandy, though, was an ordinary Jewish guy from NY who put himself through law school and ended up falling in love with Kirsten – the doorway to this rich world. So, Seth grew up wealthy, but he was always an outsider. He and Ryan would learn quite a bit from each other. The process was entertaining to say the least.

seth ryan 1

An essential part of Seth’s world was his taste in music. He loved the classics and emo/ indie rock, but most beloved was the band Death Cab for Cutie. Watching his passion for the band is when I truly fell in love with the show. Basically, the soundtrack of the series his just Seth’s personal playlist. Which of course I had to download. I have mentioned before in other posts about my love for Coldplay, a band similar to Death Cab in genre, that also gets labelled as ‘whiny’. But, I will arm wrestle anyone that says this within earshot. You see, their music is emotional and their sound is what got me through high school. I STILL need to write about them, but I don’t even know where to start. They are a band that, I think, cannot be merely described in a few words – but I’ll try. One day. Anyway, my love for Coldplay is equally compared to Seth’s love for Death Cab.

seth death cab

Basically, Seth is just a guy with all of the questions and none of the answers. He may be prone to being bullied and pushed around by the popular kids who feel like their world can’t be breached by those different from them, but he’s full of heart and wit. I think we all can relate a little to Seth, because he represented the ‘normal’ high school kid – just trying to get by.

seth ridicule

Me too, Seth. Me too.

The Friendship (and Odes to Classic Movies)

Did anyone else notice all of the movie references in The OC? I have to admit, the first time I watched this show, some of the references went over my head – like the ode to Rebel Without A Cause in season one’s episode, The Model Home. This was such a great episode, by the way. Actually, the entire first season just flowed so nicely with nonstop entertainment. The episode was the start of a beautiful friendship between Ryan, Seth, Marissa, and later Summer.

marissa seth ryan

The friendship moments on The OC always had the perfect soundtrack. Like the perfect moment with Caught By the River by The Doves playing as Seth and Ryan race down the boardwalk with Marissa chasing them and tagging along. You know, watching these guys together was the best part about this show. I think their friendship even helped me cope with how dull  my social life was as a teen. Just breezing on by on the boardwalk with some friends seemed like the most epic thing ever.

marissa seth ryan

Summer would soon come around and join the gang on their many adventures. She had to first get over Ryan being from the other side of the tracks.

chino ew

The series, especially the first season, seemed like a lengthy John Hughes film. With Summer, the four always had each other’s back when drama went down. From saving Marissa in Tijuana to saving Ryan from his psychotic brother. The four were a solid group and of course, squad goals.

the oc gang

The Cohen Family

Speaking of squad goals, the Cohen + Atwood family were the ultimate family. Of course they weren’t exactly perfect and had a number of issues – like Kirsten’s drinking problem and ass of a father (Caleb), Ryan punching out everyone on a reg and burning down houses, and Sandy being vocal about how much he loathed the rich and entitled people in their community – which really wasn’t THEIR problem, but kind of alienated them from the rest of the lot in Newport Beach. Which was great!

cohen family

Taking Ryan in seemed to be just what the Cohen family needed as he came from a damaged family and needed stability. He somehow made them more stable in return. He became a brother to Seth and a different kind of son to Sandy and Kirsten.

you're a cohen now

The Ryan and Seth duo kept Sandy hip and softened Kirsten up a bit. In the beginning, she was a little hard around the edges and the least thrilled to have an outsider stay with them. But, I think she and Ryan had the most in common and by him needing a mother figure, she became an even better mother to HIM and to Seth. She even tried to cook! That says something.

seth and ryan

Kirsten and Sandy now had a well rounded household and a pair of teens that always needed them to keep them in line – but Ryan and Seth kept the grownups in check as well. In her darkest moment, Ryan reminded Kirsten of what it felt like to have an alcoholic mother and that was the moment, I think, Ryan truly became her son. Sandy deeply appreciated how much of a man Seth became when Ryan was around.

salt his game

I just love their kitchen conversations – usually centered around Seth and Ryan’s lady troubles with a basket of bagels for Sandy to schmear. Or, Sandy cooking in general. Most of the time it was Seth and Sandy doing the talking while Kirsten and Ryan shrugged or shook their heads in reply to the madness.

shuck corn

Also, someone always seemed to walk in at the right moment to hear the wrong thing.cohen family weed calebPlus, they had Christmukkah! Enough said.

christmukkah 2

The DRAMA (basically, Marissa Cooper)

Ryan loved Marissa Cooper from the moment that they first met.

who are you ryan

The drama on the show essentially centered around the two of them. Being the outsider in this new world attracted Ryan to Marissa, the girl with a knack for falling for damaged guys – like herself. I think this is why she was first drawn to Ryan, because he was supposedly the bad boy coming to invade her little world and the people in it didn’t accept him. Marissa probably figured that he was a way to piss off a few people and show them up (which yeah, that’s what happened). She basically was a magnet to drama. Guys with issues seemed to be the type that she naturally was drawn to. But Ryan was different. He not only was smart, but he was just trying to change his life and make a new path. He occasionally had to intervene between the rest of the guys Marissa got herself involved with.

ryan marissa luke

Luke was just the stereotypical rich guy jerk, but he would eventually turn things around. But, Oliver was just a prick. Johnny was depressing. Trey was unstable. Volchok was unfortunate. She also dated Alex, played by Olivia Wilde. Alex had too much to prove – making her too feisty.

I really hated Oliver. But Volchok would be the one to really ‘drive’ Marissa to the deep end (for those who’ve seen the show – see what I did there).


ryan volchok

Yeah, I was in Twilight.

Indeed, Marissa was a basket-case and her rich girl status only made those around her ignore the truth. She was deeply depressed. Her own parents were as mature as her high school classmates. Julie Cooper [Nichol-Cooper], was the Queen Bee of Newport (even when she wasn’t) and she made Marissa’s life a living hell. She basically believed money could buy happiness and could also mask unhappiness.

Julie rich girl status

Jimmy was a guy that married the wrong wife and couldn’t help but make the wrong decisions – in terms of keeping his family afloat. He also didn’t seem to have a spine and Julie was mean with the whip! The Cooper family’s money only gave Marissa the resources to turn to the bottle and get into trouble.

Ryan grew up saving his alcoholic mother on many occasions and meeting Marissa only made him privy to saving her – when he could. Though he truly loved her (and I think Marissa loved him too), Ryan spent more time rescuing Marissa from her own world rather than allowing himself to be happy and in love (this is why I love him and Taylor – stay tuned).

marissa ryan

I would even argue that Ryan was a parental figure in Marissa’s life, because her parents were anything but good parents. Just look at the example Julie sets for her daughter.

julie cooper gunmarissa shoots trey

Ryan’s life eventually became more stable while Marissa’s was extremely spinning out of control. Though Ryan continued to insert himself into her problems, there was only so much that he could do.

caitlin ryan

And eventually the crap that Marissa got herself into overcame her chance for happiness. Even from the very beginning, Ryan should have known that his love for this girl would only cause him pain in the end.

marissa ryan

ryan save marissa last time

Bye, Felicia.

Seth and Summer

Despite all of the ultra drama between their best buds, Ryan and Marissa, Seth and Summer managed to be the strongest couple in this series. I mean with Seth’s insecurities and self-absorbed tendencies and Summer’s raging back-outs, they were a match-made in heaven.

seth and summer

Summer was just what Seth needed and vice versa. Her spunk and his dorkiness made for some of the funniest moments on the show. He fought for her attention and love and they were perfect together. Endless babble and constant name calling is the stuff of a winning relationship – right?


The thing about their relationship is that they were from different worlds, but were so much alike (even when it really didn’t seem like they were).

When Anna showed up, she was the perfect someone test Seth and Summer relationship. Being totally like Seth on the outside, she could talk some sense into Seth in terms of becoming his own person rather than obsessing over not being enough fro Summer. I honestly believe that Seth truly did love Anna as well, but they were stronger together as friends rather than lovers.

seth and anna

That doesn’t mean that their bond wasn’t lovely to watch. Even Summer knew that there was something special between them and thus she began to realize that she truly did love Seth and would not stop fighting for him. I love watching Anna and Seth torture Summer with their matching outfits and mutual interests.

Summer, Seth, Anna


As much as I loved Anna though, I knew that Summer was the one for Seth. I mean they both had toy horses as bedside buddies. Yes, I’m talking about Captain Oats and Princess Sparkles. It was fate!

captain oats

Being with Seth influenced Summer’s choices and gave her someone to grow with. Marissa was her best friend, but the girl seriously had issues and wasn’t the greatest influence. The amount of growth Summer has throughout the series is amazing.  I think having to buckle down to team up with Seth and Ryan to occasionally rescue Marissa definitely had something to do with it.

drinking buddiesSummer gorws upWhat a change!

Ryan and Taylor 

After all of the Marissa drama for the first three seasons, poor Ryan was in need of some fun and lovin’. I am so glad that the show brought in Taylor as Ryan’s love interest in season four. I mean the girl was a little off her rocker, but that was exactly what Ryan needed. Their moments were so hilarious and adorable!

taylor and ryan

Ryan had to deal with drama from other love interests (Theresa, Sadie, and Lindsay) and they were always putting his life at risk, because Ryan had to be the one to punch out the jerk causing problems for them. But Taylor was different. Yes, she had issues to say the least, but she wasn’t always so dark and gloomy. Her drama usually resulted from something ‘out-there’ that she had gotten herself caught up in – like marrying a french guy that called her breasts his peaches and wrote a book about it. Despite her silliness, Taylor had real insecurities resulting from her hard ass mom not loving her enough (or at least expressing it in the harshest way). She latched on to Ryan as soon as he showed some sort of kindness towards her. Ryan was dealing with his loss of Marissa, so he struggled to let someone else in. It took him a while, but…

taylor ryan

Julie Cooper-Nichol-Cooper + Kirsten

Ju-Ju needed her Ki-Ki. These two were a regular ol’ Thelma and Louise on the show. Julie was too much sometimes with her basically being the root of all evil in Marissa’s life (starting with sleeping with Luke) and being something of a gold-digger after Jimmy bankrupts them and she cuts him loose. Though, even with all of the drama, Julie was hilarious and knew how to turn the party up a few notches. She loved her Queen Bee status and challenged anyone else that tried to step on her expensive shoes.

Julie cooper

But this lady needed to take a chill pill! With that, she latched on to Kirsten, whom she envied for years for growing up wealthy and being the first love of Jimmy. Kirsten seemed to have everything that Julie ever wanted, but she (Julie) didn’t deserve. After realizing how much of a mess she was making of things (including marrying Kirsten’s father, Caleb and secretly trying to kill him) Julie managed to turn things around with a little help from Kirsten. Kirsten was the quiet one with her head on straight (when a glass of chardonnay wasn’t calling her name) and she influenced Julie to clean up her act, as much as she could anyway.

Julie, on the other hand, helped Kirsten lighten up a bit and live a little. Kirsten came to liking Julie more after she was no longer her step-mom. How cruel that was! The two had some fun times, though.

julie kirsten

I always enjoy watching this show and if you’ve never seen it – check it out!

It does bring back memories of my struggles in high school, but at the same time the joy of having this little world to escape through. Being an adult and rewatching it reminds me to only be an outsider on my own terms and enjoy the world around me. I also like to kick back and listen to some great tunes with friends and overwhelm them with my pop cultural references. They love me for it though! Got to keep them on their toes. Great show. Great music. Non-stop entertainment. I just wish that it would have lasted longer. Here’s one of my favorite scenes. Enjoy. Model Home Flashback

‘Til next time.

OTH thenandnow

TV: One Tree Hill

Cue Gavin Degraw’s “I Don’t Want to Be” and let’s head back over to the fictional town of Tree Hill, North Carolina.

I’m a huge fan of One Tree Hill. The show is inspirational. I mean, some of the things that it touched on would hit my core and I would either be in tears, start thinking about how short life can be (while feeling ever ending at times). Thinking about how PEOPLE walk into our lives, and back out again. How we’re stuck with memories or regrets based on their momentary impacts.


FAMILY can shape us and sometimes break us if we let them. FRIENDS are a gift to us. Think about it: With family, we can’t pick and choose, but friends are these people that we connect with and they essentially become our family. I think the idea of friendship can be taken for granted, because these people voluntarily love us and choose to be around us. And I am not talking about normal acquaintances – I mean the people that know us better than we know ourselves and will do anything for us (and vise versa). The next time you see your friends, hug it out – just because. Then again, this too can be said for family.

Here’s a little background: One Tree Hill begins about the story of Lucas and Nathan Scott, half brothers fathered by Dan Scott (the funniest and most hated guy on the show). Lucas is the rejected son, but grew up with a supportive mother, Karen, and loving uncle, Keith Scott. Nathan is the spoiled rich brother who had a dad growing up, but was subject to the mental abuse of Dan. You see, Dan always wanted to win and be the best. When he didn’t go all the way in his basketball career, he pushed Nathan to be the best. And oh yeah, basketball is the common thread in the show – along with music, literature, and art. Both brothers have talent, but their different upbringings make them competitive and the game becomes more than a just a sport.


One Tree Hill is essentially about life, family, friendship, love, and loyalty. The show really allows the audience to grow with the characters and over time, you can look back at the spectrum of the characters’ growth and it is a beautiful thing.


Here’s what I love about the show: 


I mentioned earlier that Lucas, the protagonist of the show, grew up without a father. However, I should rephrase that by saying that he grew up without his biological father, Dan. But, the thing is that he was better off without the SOB. Lucas had Karen and Keith, two people that raised him to have character and to be the best version of himself – no matter what life threw at him (and it threw some mean curve balls). When Lucas decided to go for his dreams (basketball and later writing), the lessons that Karen and Keith taught him shaped him to be a person that would inspire his friends and family.

karen lucas

lucas keith karen

Though Brooke Davis virtually grew up without any sort of parental support, she managed to allow her friends to teach her valuable lessons and to let her own mistakes shape her to be and do better. Her parents financially supported her, but love was the missing factor for a while. Until she became a successful fashion designer, her parents were no where to be found. Her mother, Victoria, became her MANAGER and their relationship was vile until Brooke had the strength to rise up and teach her own mother what it meant to love.


As a teen, Nathan was the most grown up in his household (and that’s saying a lot). His parents couldn’t seem to grow up and rise up. Dan was probably the worse person to be raised by and Deb (Nathan’s mom) was too strung out on prescription pills (because she was married to Dan) to be coherent enough to be a mom to Nathan. Nathan’s love came from Haley and their support of each other lead him to teach his parents a thing or two about being a family. Through all of the crap that Nathan had to put up with (including Dan’s “betrayal” of his own brother), Nathan had enough love from Haley and their own family to forgive the broken one that he was raised by.

dan diesnathanhaley jamie

Off camera, Haley grew up with a large and supportive family, but Lucas and Karen were her surrogate family while hers travelled and led their own lives. It seemed that she was the most adept to “staying” (until she left) among her parents and many sisters. Her parents idea of parenting was teaching their children valuable lessons, and once they were adults – they were on their own to use those lessons to be whoever they wanted to become. A very loose way of parenting, I think. They were free spirits, though and Haley was mature for her age. Haley and Lucas’s close friendship kept her grounded until she fell in love with Nathan (and later music) and was starting to find her own way. One of the saddest moments in the show is when her mother, Lydia, returns to Tree Hill only to spend one last moment with her daughters.


Adopted, Peyton also grew up with a limited amount of parenting. You know something, all of the (teen) characters basically had a fractured family. I don’t know if that can be said about ‘real life’, but jeez, this is kind of sad the more I think about it. Anyway, Peyton lost her adoptive mother when she was young and her adoptive father travelled a lot for work and was hardly ever present. But, Peyton was truly loved by the both of them and this made her kind of a downer (but very artistic). Eventually, a handful of Peyton’s ‘real’ family walked back into her life and she struggled with not having them growing up and allowing them to affect her present life. Again, another sad moment is when Peyton’s biological mother, Ellie, comes back – and (you guessed it) leaves again.ellie peyton

Music, Art, and Literature 

The lives of the characters are very much affected and shaped by their natural talents. Peyton is the artist and music enthusiast, Lucas is the writer (he too is very skilled at b-ball, but it’s not his first gift if you ask me), Brooke is the fashion designer, Haley is the brain and musician, and Nathan is the athlete. These talents connect the characters to one another and ‘save’ them in their darkest moments – but as well as produce some of their happiest moments.

Lucas’s love of literature and his first published work, An Unkindness of Ravens, lends to some of the show’s most inspirational quotes and narration.


Haley’s gift of music nearly destroyed her relationship with Nathan, but it also made them closer than ever. She was her truest self when she was able to sing and be surrounded by music. This also taught Nathan to value his gift of playing basketball and to become even greater at it. Music played a huge part in the show (the show has one of my favorite soundtracks ever). Artists such as Gavin Degraw, Fall Out Boy, Explosions in the Sky, Elvis Costello, Jimmy Eat World, Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch and The Wreckers, Tyler Hilton, and many were featured. New artists debuted on the show and Bethany Joy Lenz’s (Haley) real life musical ability was spotlighted. 

haley singing


DJ P. Sawyer

“The boy saw the comet, and suddenly his life had meaning”

Lucas and Peyton’s relationship was the stuff of legend. In the beginning, the two of them were connected by their mutual brooding, but their connection exceeded that throughout the show. Again, because they were both artists in their own rights, they found a connection that out-phased everything else.

comet lucas

When Peyton was too afraid to let someone love her, Lucas moved on to Brooke, which I think was genuine, but not true love. Brooke was merely a substitution and Lucas was someone that made Brooke feel insecure about herself. He never truly let her in as he was subconsciously (and consciously) waiting for Peyton to realize the truth. Of course with all love triangles – things got very messy, especially since Brooke and Peyton were best friends.

lucas brooke peyton

Torn between two lovers

number 3 heart

When the three of them were honest with themselves and each other, Lucas and Peyton finally got together. But with love, the road is filled with many obstacles and detours. For years, these two continued to fight for each other (even when others were in their places – cough Lindsay, cough Julian). Both of Lucas’s novels were about Peyton, even when he thought they weren’t. The Comet He subconsciously wrote to her to let her know – “It’s you, Peyton.”

peyton happy lucas

lucas peyton wedding

“Always and Forever”

Nathan and Haley had one of the most surprising, but beautiful relationships. They started on the opposite ends of the high school totem pole – the jock and the brainiac. Yeah I know, stereotypes, but they come from somewhere right? Anyway, while Nathan was getting tutored by Haley, he fell in love with her and she with him. Kind of a Cinderella story.

Haley Nathan s1

But again, love is not this smooth sailing thing. They got married in high school –  so they still had a lot of growing up to do on their own ends. They had yet to realize what they wanted for themselves and from each other. Indeed it was a bumpy ride, but this couple seemed to be the one that the others admired and aspired to be. For the most part, they were together through the length of the series. Always and…


“Brooke Davis is going to change the world someday, and I’m not sure she even knows it”

Brooke is my favorite character in the show. She began as the stereotypical cheerleader – boy crazy and kind of ditzy. She ‘slutted’ herself around during the first few years of high school, until she had her heart-broken by Lucas. Actually, she still kind of ‘worked her magic’ after both big splits with Lucas. Brooke fell so hard for him that somewhere in the process, she lost herself, but eventually found someone that she didn’t even know that she could be. For a while, she put all of her energy into partying and dating, because the alternative – the big picture- was something that she didn’t want to think about.


After being the third wheel in Lucas and Peyton’s love story for far too long, Brooke made a name for herself by creating her own fashion line and grew up to be a responsible and tough as nails chick.

Clothes Over Bros, yo.

Eventually though, she wanted more than just work and money, and sought after forming her own family – because hers sucked. After fighting with her mother and dating the wrong guys, she wanted a family that was truly her own.


Eventually though, she got everything that she could ever want – literally taking a few cuts and bruises to get there.

brooke babies

“Every good story needs a villain, I’m sorry but I’m yours”

Dan Scott. The most hated guy in Tree Hill. Like the quote says above, every good story needs a good villain, and this guy takes the cake. I’ll try to list some of the crap Dan did in the series and you try to figure out how he continued to worm his way into his family’s lives. First and foremost, he truly was a self-righteous guy.

Dan and Nathan

The next thing (and creating the premise of the show) he left Karen while she was pregnant with Lucas. He then knocked up Deb and stayed with her all in a matter of months. Then, he pit Nathan against Lucas, making Nathan feel more superior. He chastised Keith for sticking around and supporting Lucas, when he was too proud to do so himself. Few years later, after all of the pushing to be the best, he alienated Nathan and Deb – making them two more people to hate him. There’s also a bunch of crap that he pulled with Whitey – the basketball coach and voice of reason in the show’s the show’s early seasons. Their feud made up for some great moments.

dan and whitey

I can skip all of the bullying that he continued to do, including paying someone to fall in love with and break Keith’s heart. I mean, the guy was truly an ass, but there’s one thing that he did that sent the characters and the show on a painful path – shooting and killing Keith – his own brother. Yep, he took away the person that everyone loved, because he envied him. Pretty Shakespearian, huh?

dan and keith

As you can imagine, the characters would never be the same again and Dan could never truly be a part of his family. Though honestly, Nathan was someone that he truly loved and in some way, he tried to make him a better man than he ever was or could be. When Nathan became a NBA player and had a family of his own, the thing Dan regretted the most was not being a part of it. Hey, he even regretted not being a part of Lucas’s family. Their hatred didn’t stop him from trying though, because –

dan scott kill

An Unkindness of Ravens 

As mentioned before, basketball is a huge part of One Tree Hill. In the beginning, it was used to pit Lucas and Nathan against each other, but before long, it was the game that brought ALL of the characters together. Though I enjoyed all of the competitiveness and how the feud made for comedic moments – it was when the game fostered moments of joy that made it special.

nathan lucas

bond brothers

For a while, Lucas and Nathan fought over the game and kept score of who was the best, but it was indeed Nathan that was the most gifted at it. From being someone raised to be competitive and have little character, the game was something that he truly loved. Before we knew it, Nathan was training to be the best – not just at the game – at being a husband, a brother, a father, and a son (to Deb). He rose above Dan, but became all that Dan wanted him to be and more.

nathan scott

Lucas also loved the game, but his role exceeded being just a player. Inspired by Keith and Whitey, Lucas became a coach to share with the next generation all that he learned from the game. He even helped Nathan get back on track after his accident.

lucas coach

I’ll end this, because my caffeine high is coming to a halt. There’s so much more to talk about, but the best way to appreciate the show is to watch it. So yeah, pop some popcorn and binge watch. Don’t forget to take in all of the inspiring moments. Dance to the music. Cry when the ones you start to love – leave. And laugh at all of Dan’s belittling and Nathan and Whitey’s incredible comebacks.

dan whitey 2

‘Til next time.

hotel lights

Music: “Follow Through” by Hotel Lights

“I’ll break down if you come around”

Aside from my infatuation with television and film, I listen to A TON of music. But, who doesn’t? The thing is, I become so obsessed with a song that I have to know all about the artist(s) background and inspiration behind making it – at least when I can find these stories and interviews online. Anyway, a song that I have been listening to on a reg is “Follow Through” by Hotel Lights.

This song is just perfect. I mean, it’s soothing, it’s upbeat, it’s emotional, and it’s a little hypnotic. I first heard it on One Tree Hill (season 5), a series that had a knack for including amazing music. Then again on Grey’s Anatomy (season 2) – and I had to make sure that I had this song in my arsenal.

The song is perfect for sitting in a coffee shop and reading a great book or going out on a sunny day (or a matter of fact, on a chilly day) for a jog. It’s also a song that will make you reminisce about moments in your past that make you smile.

You know, it’s one of those whimsical songs, and I tend to be attracted to the sort of music.

Have a listen if you’re in the mood for something light and mellow.

-‘Til next time.


TV: Felicity

Music Recommendation: “Blue Parade” by Sarah Slean

Dear Sally –

In order for me to do this show any justice in terms of ‘reviewing’ it, I need to focus on the reasons why I love this show. I mean, for a show that only had four seasons, it had such an impact on my entire college experience. I probably would have had more of a social life in college if I watched less of the series amongst the many other shows I spent my free time watching. Most of the time, I would knock out those papers and chapters just so I had more time to watch TV. Truthfully, I’m not even ashamed to admit this. Felicity was one of the first shows that I re-watched in college and I even got my first roommate into it. We would shut ourselves in our little cave (re: dorm room) and watch the hell out of this show, even when we had a crap load of work to do. We’d be like, “let’s just finish this disc” (I have the series on DVD). Or, “let’s just watch it while we eat.” I don’t know anyone else who took five hours to eat their lunch.

Anyway, let’s start off with a little preamble: Felicity is about a girl from Palo Alto, California named (you guessed it) Felicity, who decides to go to college in New York City after her high school crush, Ben, writes in her yearbook. Once in New York, she meets a number of interesting characters and has to decide what path she wants to take for her life and love life. She begins college communicating with her friend, Sally, via cassette tape – recording her thoughts about how things are going in college. The recordings sort of stop once she’s thrust into the college life and made new friends. It’s a little more extensive than that, but that’s why you need to watch the show!


What did I get myself into?

Here are some of the reasons why this show is so amazing and addicting.

The Opening Credits

The first two seasons of Felicity open with flashes of black & white photos of Felicity and the other characters in the show – pondering and hanging out in the wonderful city of New York. Felicity drinks coffee in a cafe, pets a dog, waits for the subway, laughs with her friends – daily life sort of things. The music is mellow and doesn’t have actual words, adding a calm and chill nature to the credits. The photos aren’t perfect either, which is a nice wink to the ‘realism’ approach the show tries to emulate (at least most of the time). Some of the shots are blurry, or the characters are out of focus, or they are not completely in frame. Great stuff.

felicity opening 2

I also like the opening credits in the third and fourth seasons too, but they are your basic in-color episode clips with actual lyrics in the new theme song: “New Version of You.” Yeah, we get it. I still wonder why they changed the credit style? Anyway, the black & white credits are stills from moments that we don’t see in the actual episodes – a look behind the scenes of the lives of the characters.

felicity opening

Team Ben vs. Team Noel 

Before there was Team Jacob vs. Team Edward or Team Stefan vs. Damon or even Peeta vs. Gale (or any other fictional love triangle after the 90s) – there was Team Ben vs. Noel. Yes, Felicity was caught between two lovers, but not in a weird kinky sort of way. She came to NY to follow her high school crush, Ben, but found herself unexpectedly falling for someone else in the midst of dealing with the struggle of college, Noel. She had the best RA, who eventually became someone she loved and who loved her from the moment he first saw her. Sounds great, right? Going to college and finding your soulmate and living happily ever after. The end. But no, Felicity’s little world is all but a fairytale. You see, this chick isn’t someone who can make up her mind or make the right choices – until after she’s made the wrong ones. I mean, obviously from the premise of the show. Following a guy to college doesn’t sound like the smartest thing to do, especially if you’ve only had one conversation with him. Felicity says “obviously” a lot, by the way.

Even though Noel is into her right away, Felicity is at the University of New York (it’s a fictional college based on NYU) for BEN. She’s so determined to get Ben to fall in love with her that she’s blind to see how Noel feels for her. It takes having Ben call her “crazy” and rejecting her to get her to see what’s been right in front of her. Noel is there to hear all about her crazy antics in wooing Ben, and he even bails her out of some of the situations she gets herself into. More on that later. But, eventually she falls for him too – and presto! The end.
noel and felicity3

Yeah, I think you all see where this is going. Allow me to continue. So after Noel and Felicity get together, guess who comes around and see’s how amazing Felicity is – despite her impulsiveness? You guessed it, Big Ben. That’s when all hell breaks loose, because now Felicity can have what she wanted in the first place. And then Noel’s “past” comes to get him as well. Let’s just say, Ben and Felicity get together. The end.
felicty and ben

Sure….. Yeah right. You guys, need to keep up.
noel and felicty and ben

Noel was the best RA, even when he wasn’t the RA anymore

Freshmen year was a hot mess for Felicity and she always seemed to get her nose stuck where it shouldn’t have been. From retyping Ben’s paper and nearly getting them both expelled for plagiarism, to stealing his admission file and again almost getting him expelled. There was one person that Felicity could always count on to help her out with her impulsiveness. Noel was the RA of the century – even when he didn’t want to be. He was in love with a girl, that was in love with someone else. He didn’t let that bother him (for a while) and came to Felicity’s rescue on many occasions. His best advice, “Stay in New York or perish.”noel felicity office

But Felicity wasn’t the only one living in the dorms so Noel had his hands full with the rest of the freshmen crew. Even Elena, with her toughness and desire to be the best in class, needed Noel’s help from time to time. From sleeping with the ‘tin-man’ (Halloween episode) or trying to figure out how to actually date someone you just met (and slept with). Somehow, Noel had the answers. He also realized that she could help him out with his Felicity troubles. An eye for an eye. Their budding friendship and partnership made up for some very hilarious scenes. They eventually became roommates in season 2. I secretly always wanted them to hook up.

noel RAnoel and elena 2

Then there’s Richard, the sort of guy that will annoy the hell out of you, because he’s so self-righteous and oblivious to his asshole-ness. He tried Noel on many occasions, including hosting a BBQ in his dorm room – violating so many rules. Noel threatened to get him kicked out, but then Richard caught Noel making out with another resident – Felicity. So, um yeah, their friendship and endless dueling became the stuff of legend. He even became likable as you felt for the guy who just wanted friends and to fit in. Who can’t relate to that?
richard and noel2Richard and noel noel and richard

Another problem that Felicity continuously had was with her roommate, Megan. More on that later. But Megan and Noel had their own relationship. Megan’s bluntness and know-it-all ticked Noel off, but made him keep coming back for info – because who didn’t know more about what Felicity was up to than the person sleeping across from her? Even after Megan gave Noel beet powder (he’s allergic and becomes neurotic after consumption) calling it ‘smart powder’ during finals, he continued to put up with her crap. A necessary evil.
Noel and meganMegan blunt

After an entire school year of assisting the residents, Noel was no longer their RA, but the gang continued to depend on his guidance and friendship. The job was never-ending.

noel laughs

Elena was the best, best friend 

Elena began as the girl living across from Felicity who just happened to be around when crap was going down in Felicity’s life. She was also the smartest and most determined premed student that Felicity knew and Felicity leaned on her for guidance – both academically and personally. When Felicity was dealing with Ben rejecting her or Noel’s confession of love, Elena rolled her eyes but gladly became the best friend a girl could ask for. Even giving Felicity sex tips. You see, Elena was the most confident person ever (next to Megan and Sean), but she was kind of clueless when it came to dating. Especially freshman year. So of course, her advice doesn’t help and lends to one the most hilarious episodes ever in the series.


“Keep your eye on the ball”

Their friendship lasted all four years and beyond (if you don’t include Elena’s fate and reversed fate at the end of the series). Her kickass attitude even attracted the other characters. Though Julie was Felicity’s first best friend in college, Elena became the glue to keep them all together, because Julie and Felicity had issues when it came to Ben.

julie and elena

What are you up to now, Felicity?

One of my favorite episodes is when Elena and Noel decided to dress up as Subway (yes, the restaurant) employees for the Halloween party at Ben and Sean’s. The deal was that they BOTH had to attend as a duo. However, Noel’s RA duties got in the way of him attending and Elena had to walk around the party taking people’s sub orders. Oh, hell no! Check out that uniform.

elena halloween

Elena was the best friend that anyone could ask for in college. She was smart, tough, funny, and the men loved her! Felicity’s impulsive tendencies and never-ending boy troubles always led her in some crazy situations, like the time Ben saved a woman’s life after she was shot at a party. Turns out the woman was filthy rich and became obsessed with Ben – while he was dating Felicity. She tried to let Felicity know that she would fight for him, but Elena had Felicity’s back and helped her learn some martial arts. What more could you ask for in a bestie?
elena could kick butt Elena felicity

Dean & Deluca w/ Javier

Boy troubles isn’t the only thing that Felicity had to worry about. I mean the girl is going to college in NY – against her parents wishes by the way. So without their support, she’s got to work. Dean & Deluca is one of the jobs that she gets freshman year, and continues to be her main job throughout the series – because she’s had an awesome manager named Javier.

Javier becomes one of Felicity’s best friends and offers her some great advice about her love life, like Elena. Felicity and Javier even try to get married at one point, but it’s not how you think. He’s even a fan of “Ben-ja-min”, and eventually hires him – despite all of the drama with Felicity. He’s kind of like the Cupid in the group. Plus, his thick Spanish accent makes everything that he says feisty! You could grab a cup of coffee and a scone with a side of saucy Javier.

javier and ben

Sean and his Smoothaise

You know, the most refreshing part about Felicity was that the show didn’t limit the friendships to be composed of only kids in college, like including Javier. Sean was the guy with all of the ideas. Literally. He was a self-proclaimed inventor and entrepreneur. He always tried to make a buck. He was the perfect example to teach the kids about that hustle life, because sometimes life doesn’t work out exactly like you plan it to (during) and after college. His presence assured the gang to keep working for what they believed in. I do find it hilarious that he befriended a bunch of college kids, but hey – got to keep those ideas fresh and where else can you get characters for the most bad ass documentary series, “Docuventary” (because he’s an inventor making a documentary). Get it?

I think teaming up with Richard was the best part about Sean’s documentary. Showcasing some of the most private moments of his friends while keeping the price of the moments on his mind and having Richard be his PA is just GOLD. Who wouldn’t buy this?

Sean the directorsean reality show

Sean always had a get rich master plan. Even having all the peeps over at his great apartment wasn’t just about socializing and demonstrating his hospitality, because he was charging most of them rent. And while having them there, he had an audience to test out his new inventions and hear out his new ideas.
sean inventions sean inventions 2

He also sold things to benefit the college students, like essential study kits or that time he sold fruit during finals. I mean, that’s pretty genius.

sean selling fruit

I’ll never forget the time Sean inserted himself in the catering biz with Ben at Dean & Deluca just to have people try out his new food condiment – Smoothaise. Sounds delicious, right? Ben was having some relationship issues and Sean, instead of being supportive of his friend, was asking people to try out his Smoothaise.

Ben, try out my Smoothase?

Ben, try out my Smoothaise

Megan was the best roomie, even when she wasn’t

The scary part about college is when you have to move into your dorm with a stranger for a roommate. Some people get really lucky with someone amazing, but other’s aren’t so lucky. Case in point: Felicity’s college roommate, Megan. Their living arrangement was the most pivotal during their freshman year – when they first met. But, somehow due to television circumstances, they ended up living together at one point or another during all four seasons.

Megan and Felicity were two totally different people. Felicity was the straight-lace neurotic college student, while Megan was the Gothic club-nympho, with something pretty epic in a box. I honestly still don’t know what she had in there, even after the ‘artsy’ (being nice) episode that showed us what’s in the box. All I know is that she was paranoid with Felicity looking in the box.

As you might have guessed, they did not get along in the beginning, but Megan was always there to be totally blunt about Felicity’s struggles. The first few episodes, she would just pop in the room with some outrageous outfit ensemble on and say something rude during the perfect time. But Megan became someone to steer Felicity back into reality. Her ‘rudeness’ was something that Felicity needed (that all of the characters needed, actually), because most of the time (not all of the time) she was being honest. Down the line, she couldn’t help but be in Felicity’s little circle of friends (even when she didn’t want to).

“Did you open my box?”

Living with Sean and Megan

The best of the roomies collide. Someone’s got to tell Sean how ridiculous his ideas are and someone’s got to tell Megan how much of a bitch she’s being. Both of them mature tremendously during the last few seasons, and I’ll just leave it at that.

sean and megan

“New Version of You” (Felicity’s infamous haircut) 

Well, if you’ve ever heard of Felicity, you are probably familiar with the whole Felicity haircut fiasco. Yes, she starts college with a head of glorious big curls and chops them off in season 2. Why? She went crazy, of course!felicty hair

No, but in all seriousness – Felicity cut her hair because she needed a change. Sounds like a cliche, but that’s what happened in the story. Now, the reason behind KERI RUSSELL cutting her hair, I don’t know. Maybe she went crazy – or needed a change as well. I think it was all about growing up and shedding away all of her past mistakes. She became anew!

I similarly cut off all of my hair during my junior year in college for similar reasons. One of my friends even asked me if I was pulling a Felicity. No, I wasn’t exactly inspired by little miss busy body, but I was in need of a huge change in my life. So adios to the hair that has been with me my whole life, and hello naked head. Ready for the world!

felicty hair cut

Throughout the first few episodes of ‘the new Felicity’, her friends and (a heart-broken and angry) Noel questioned her big decision (well he just laughed). Even Felicity questioned herself at one point. Her love life was in shambles and she also decided to change her major from premed to art. She was starting all over and it was kind of scary.


Eventually, everyone got over the haircut and Felicity was growing up. She started dating (outside of Ben and Noel) and was enjoying her new artsy and independent lifestyle. She was rockin’ that haircut! And even in the midst of the big changes in her life, two things returned to normalcy – or should I say two guys!
hair felicity

Maybe the haircut was just Felicity being impulsive as usual, and yeah people hated it – within and outside of the show. Despite this, Felicity continued to be a great show even without the big curls. Hair grows back guys!

felicty hair 2

Finals Week

Every season of Felicity has finals week, or hell week. I mean, it’s a show about life in college and we can’t forget the week that sends college kids into a definite frenzy. Felicity and the gang aren’t safe from the week of utter terror. So finals week is basically a week of cramming everything that you (were suppose to) learn during the semester – in hopes of passing the final exam or write a great paper. Wow, just thinking about my finals week makes the hair on the back of my neck stand. It’s like you have to pull a miracle and relearn everything and remember it when you’re actually tested!


So basically, all of the students in your university are on edge – which makes for a number of hilarious situations. During the first season of Felicity, Noel and Felicity are newly dating, but haven’t actually made it official that they are dating. So the whole time they just want to make-out and talk, and make-out some more – but they have to study for their finals. This is where Richard catches them and it’s such a funny moment.finals2

Eventually, they have to separate and Noel has to try to convince Richard not to get him fired from being an RA. Felicity then runs into Ben, who asks for help on studying. He and Julie (Felicity’s supposed BFF – I can’t stand her) are sort of dating by this time as well.

julie and ben finals

Felicity of course helps Ben out, because she owes him after almost getting him expelled in an earlier episode. Plus, I don’t think she knows how to say no to him. Meanwhile, Noel is running around looking for her and runs into Megan, who gives him “smart powder.” Noel finds Felicity studying with Ben and his insecurities added with the beets in his smart powder make him totally overact. All the while, both of them still need to study for their finals. Sean is walking around selling fruit by this time as well.

Finals week creates some of the best moments in the series and the characters each approach the week in their own way –  surviving the best way that they know how.

noel finals noel and Elena noel and felicity finals ben finals odes

The Squad

As Felicity is trying to find herself and survive the college life, she meets all of these amazing people. The group is there for one another – when they are not killing each other. Without a doubt, Felicity’s friends are the BEST reason this show is amazing. Without the love triangles, the fights, and Sean’s terrible inventions – the show wouldn’t have been what it was, because each character literally had an important part to play. Felicity wouldn’t have survived without her squad.


I watch this show when I need a reality check or when I need to remind myself that friendship is important and finding myself is essential. College wouldn’t have been the same without this show and I’m betting the more I revisit Felicity and the crew, I’ll understand and accept becoming an adult even more.

This is one of my favorite scenes of the show. After all the characters have been through, they still managed to put aside their worries, dance it out and stick together. Season Four, Dance

Thanks for reading. ‘Til next time.

P.S. I’m still Team Noel. noel



Noel and felicty

No, no. Definitely Noel!

ben face

Damnit, Ben!

Noel inside his mind

Why don’t they ever pick me?