A Little Introduction…

Hi! I’m Ke’ara and this is my blog about anything and everything that I’ve ever wanted to talk about! For starters, I just want to tell you all some fun facts (and opinions) about myself.

Alright, if you probably couldn’t tell from the photo above, I just graduated from college! Yes, and it was the most exciting experience of my damn life. I have been in school FOREVER and I am finally done. Well, at least until I muster up the confidence to apply for grad school…but, yes, for now…DONE!

I like film. I adore music. I am obsessed with TV. I dream about food. These are pretty much the cores of my existence, really. If I could choose anything to talk about, it’s this BIG FOUR. Occasionally I like to talk about the seemingly endless existence of comic books, but I am far from a wiz. Anyway, you’re probably wondering what I studied in college, right? Can you guess? Let’s just say I studied three out of the big four with another degree in English. (I didn’t study food, but I did eat a lot in college.) Now, I’m no Jane Austen fanatic (I do LOVE Pride and Prejudice, though) or know-it-all of the Classic and Romantic writers, but I do like to try poetry every once in a while. So why did I study English coupled with my Radio-Television-Film major? I like to write. My grammar isn’t perfect, but I like to get out my thoughts, hence the blog! Plus, I concentrated on Screenwriting for my RTF major and taking on English greatly helped with pounding out scripts.

EDIT FROM THE FUTURE: I actually love English and Literature. Don’t know why I downplayed it here, but I spend just as much time reading as watching TV. Before I became a TV wiz – I actually was a book-a-holic. Plus, Jane Austen is actually my spirit animal.

Ok, the fun stuff:

My favorite show is without a doubt – Smallville. It was a BAD A** show and I had a blast following it during the time it aired. By the way, I buy all of my favorite shows on video (DVD) so my walking space in my room is fairly limited. It’s worth it though! I’ll have a post on the full list of shows that I watch and own in a separate blog. It’s going to be a good one. I may just do individual blogs for each separate show. My favorite band is Coldplay, but I swear Radiohead comes at a close second. Not to sound too intense…but Coldplay saved my life. My teens were hell and listening to Coldplay and watching Smallville made breathing worthy  back then. More details on that later. Also, I’ll do regular posts about the music that I listen to, because that is a LONG list. I take pride in my iTunes library too. It’s all organized and whatnot. My favorite film is Big Fish. God, it has EVERY SINGLE THING that I love about film and life in general. Off of the top of my head, it has fantasy, romance, scenery, comedy, and drama/sadness (I cry every time I watch it). There’s even some political propaganda in it and I love reading about/listening to conspiracies and the like. As for food – I couldn’t live in a world without shrimp! (*Buffy reference, and yes, another one of my favorite shows!)

Other than the BIG FOUR as I like to call them, I am still looking for things that interest me. Lately I’ve been getting more into travel (though I’ve never left Texas, which is where I live by the way). I really enjoy when films and television series have great scenery and someday I would really like to strap on a backpack and see what it’s like in other states and countries. Hell, if I could do that now, I would in a heartbeat. One day I would also like to move to Seattle. I’ve done endless research on the city and I just feel like my soul belongs there. London is a close tease.

Anyway, guys, I hope this little introduction gives at least a small indication of who I am and what can be expected on my blog. I hope to grow with the blog so in a few months/years, this will be a great little flashback of my former self.

‘Til next time.


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Hi! I’m Ke’ara and I love writing about and over-analyzing the tropes and aesthetics of my favorite TV shows, movies, and tunes. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them though. Hope you all enjoy!

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