Film: The Fault In Our Stars

You know the whole time watching this film, I told myself “Im not going to cry”, because of the subject matter and obvious ending of the film. If you’ve read the book beforehand, then you probably struggled with whether or not you would cry while watching the movie based on if you did or did not cry while reading the book. I tried to read the book, but I just had to to watch the film. I was about halfway in before I was like “ok, I want to see what this looks like cinematically”. Curiosity of sight got the best of me. So yeah, I didn’t know exactly how the film would end, but the story involved cancer and love, so I took a pretty good guess. But, the whole point of TFIOS isn’t about feeling sad for cancer victims though. It’s about love and what two people go through once they surprisingly find it.

I can only speak for myself, but I love romance and rom-coms. I’m a huge fan of films with Sandra Bullock, Julia Roberts, and Ashton Kutcher. I love watching TV shows with a really great couple and their moments always has a bad ass soundtrack. Lately though, I have had a hard time getting into modern romance films like The Vow. I really hated that movie. I don’t think it gave that couple’s story justice. Maybe it was chemistry of the actors. Or the script. I don’t know. I honestly just couldn’t ‘feel it’. Anyway, after several modern romance films, I gave up and decided that my generation was doomed in the romance department…at least on film.

Then comes The Fault In Our Stars…

I think the hook of the film (and the book) got me interested. The love story is from the perspective of two people dealing with something that I couldn’t imagine going through and I have nothing but love and respect for those having to go through it and go through it gracefully. Life’s a bitch sometimes and cancer is one of its hired henchmen. One of my aunts and one of my uncles passed away from cancer and it took a toll on my family. So right away into the book I was curious to read a personal perspective on living life with cancer.

What I enjoyed about Grace and Augustus was their appreciation for literature (Grace) and video games (Augustus). Even living life without an illness, I find that getting lost in some kind of story helps grasp your own perspective on life itself. I guess it was a meta-kind of way of looking at the story, because that was why I was reading it and soon to be watching it.

Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort really brought a nice maturity on screen. I love my teen dramas, but I really wanted to see something that could be REAL and I think they were successful at bringing a realness to the story. I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. And Laura Dern as Mrs. Lancaster…wow, she was amazing. She didn’t have to speak much for me to feel the emotion. Her facial expressions and overall demeanor contributed a lot to the story. She is one reasons why I loved Jurassic Park as a kid. She just has one of those faces. (Kind of like Jewel Staite in Firefly and Rosamund Pike in Pride and  Prejudice). A face that says sadness and kindness…

I’m sort of cynical about love in life and finding a soulmate. Personally for me, time would have to stop and some sort of weird flux in gravity would have to pull me toward a person for me to even insist that they were my soulmate (This is one reason why I love the film Big Fish). Yes, I know sounds very unrealistic, but I think it has to be for it to be real. I take love very seriously and a lot of movies and TV shows fail to make me believe it, but this movie made me believe it and in it. I really think it was the chemistry of the actors. Their acting wasn’t perfect, but I absolutely did not want to leave the theater and I did not roll my eyes once while watching. I was hooked and got butterflies when they were together.

Anyways, this post is becoming way too long and I just wanted to say in so many words that I liked the film. I need to finish the book now, because I’m sure there are moments that will reach out to me more and things will be more detailed and defined. Hollywood always leaves a huge chunk out, ya know. I say this as someone who loves movies and TV and has studied the art of filmmaking.

All in all, I say watch the movie if you love romance movies or just love movies.

‘Til next time…


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Hi! I’m Ke’ara and I love writing about and over-analyzing the tropes and aesthetics of my favorite TV shows, movies, and tunes. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them though. Hope you all enjoy!

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