Feeling Kind of Unfulfilled #Movies

You know, as someone who grew up loving (I mean really loving) movies and admiring different actors for portraying an array of characters – movies just do not touch me the way they used to. Wow, great that sounds like I’ve become some sad woman in a hopeless relationship – but I kind of am. Movies used to be there for me, for whatever emotion that I was feeling or that I needed to feel.

See, I was born in the early 90’s so I began watching movies in the early-mid 90’s. Do you remember how great movies were back then? Then, I discovered movies from the 80’s, 70’s, 60’s…at such an early age. I remember getting absolutely lost in those cinematic universes. They were definitely a way to escape and feel like someone brand new. I was just a kid so my life of course was limited on excitement. Some stuff I hadn’t gotten around to learning about in school and I was able to learn by watching movies. And I watched all kinds of movies (except for horror movies – screw that!). As I said before, I would get lost in movies and the worlds and characters became as real as the skin on my body. Imagine what happened when I randomly got a peek of a horror movie. Yes, I’m talking about you Pennywise the clown and Leprechaun. The movies would bait me in as kiddy films (something like Goonies and Fright Night, but more scary), but all of a sudden I would be like “wait a second, I’m scarred and the walls are closing in on me and I think Leprechaun is looking right at me through the screen.” Hmm, no thank you. Even today as someone in their 20’s, I do not watch horror movies. And joy to the remakes of said horror movies.

Anything else was fair game. I was mostly drawn to the fantasy, science fiction, and romantic-dramas. Three of the first few films that I can remember watching and enjoying were Pretty Woman, The Wizard of OZ, and Attack of the 50 Foot Woman. Pretty Woman of course had that Cinderella aspect to it and I loved (love) Julia Roberts. She had hair for days and that smile just made me smile. Funny thing about her and Richard Gere was that they looked like the ‘white versions’ of my aunt and uncle – the folks that introduced me to these films. I enjoyed the double-takes. Then, The Wizard of Oz starts off as black and white and I remembered sitting on the floor eating a popsicle and thinking “this is going to be so boring, but I’ll watch it anyway” and then the story got more and more exciting with the tornado and I was like “this black and white movie is amazing” and then the movie goes into color and there are munchkins and witches, “What is going on? I want to live there!” Naturally, I patiently waited on my tornado – oh to being a kid! With The 50 Foot Woman, I became a real sci-fi geek at like the age of 4 or 5. Seeing this gigantic woman get revenge on her douchebag husband was bad ass! Just the fact that she was 50 feet tall appealed to me. I was thinking, how did that happen, could that happen to me? From there, movies got even more exciting with new movies coming out during that time and the sequels, and I was discovering movies from other times. John Hughes became my saving grace. I would watch anything Brat Pack related.

Maybe it was that I was a kid and I hadn’t had the opportunity to, you know live and discover the real world, that made movies so fulfilling. But, I think there’s more to it. There was originality and new special-effects that opened my eyes to the possibility of new things. Fresh things. Now a days, I cannot seem to be fulfilled by watching movies, at least new movies. Even these big block busters are kind of a bore. I’m excited for the first 10 minutes and then I’m like oh, that’s so predictable. That’s what it is – predictability. If it’s not that, it’s all of the reboots and remakes. Gosh, I can’t handle another refresh of anything. Leave the classics alone. But, then I think about it, these new filmmakers and even the older filmmakers are living in the past and are nostalgic about how certain films took them away and allowed them to escape. They want to live in those worlds by remaking them or at least showing the younger audiences how it felt to watch these movies – and ooh how cooler would it be if they came out today, during the time of social media and technology! That’s fine and all, but wow, wouldn’t it be nice to watch a new movie and feel like I’m taking a vacation from my world and entering something unheard of, undreamed of, unpredictable.

Glad to be back guys.

‘Til next time.


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Hi! I’m Ke’ara and I love writing about and over-analyzing the tropes and aesthetics of my favorite TV shows, movies, and tunes. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them though. Hope you all enjoy!

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