Music: “Ride” by Cary Brothers

Guys, I love this song. I am in love with it. And you know how you love a song and you play it repeatedly until you get sick of it? Well, according to my iTunes, I’ve played this song at least 373 times. And that’s just on iTunes and I’ve rebooted my library a few times so…I’ve listened to this song A WHOLE LOT. It’s amazing really and I’ll tell you exactly why it’s amazing.

First of all, I heard it on One Tree Hill and the scene is one of my all time favorites. There’s so much emotion and nostalgia (from me and the characters). Simply put, Lucas Scott (the main character) is getting married and he realizes that the beautiful, smart, and amazing woman in front of him is not his true love. Well, what actually happens is that SHE realizes that she is not his true love, because of an epiphany and semi-memory that she has from reading his sorta-auto biography / love letter. He’s a writer and she’s his editor, by the way. Then, we get a flashback and boom, it hits us too that she’s not the one. She’s wonderful, but not the one.


This hurts me as much as it hurts them, because I’m rooting for them and their love. Lucas had been through a lot and if you’ve watch the series – you can agree with me 100%. Anyways, the song is playing and emotions are swelling and we see Peyton (Lucas’s ex) sitting in the audience (with Brooke, who’s also Lucas’s ex) watching Lucas get his heart massively broken as Lindsay (the woman in the wedding dress) gives Lucas back the ring and runs off in her beautiful dress. It hits me, because I love Peyton and I know she loves Lucas and she is saddened and elated to witness this scene. But she would never wish Lucas to be in so much pain. What’s going through my head (as well as I imagine Peyton’s) is – Peyton can get Lucas back. They can be together! Peyton keeps it together with so much grace during this entire wedding / would be wedding.

Peyton, you’re a trooper.

Then, as I see Lucas’s face and him falling to the floor as if his world is crumbling beneath him and he’s gone numb, and seeing his friends and family also witnessing this – I don’t want Peyton with Lucas. I want him to run after Lindsay. I want Lucas to get what he wants. It’s time to grow up and leave the past in the past. What if Lindsay really is his true love? Anyway, there are so many mixed feelings. The scene is my favorite in the series and I love all nine seasons.

“Ride” is actually on the DVD version of the episode (season five – ‘Hundred’) and I don’t understand why it wasn’t used in the original broadcast. It makes the scene all the more blissfully hypnotizing. The entire episode is just a stomach-twister, because it’s lovely and oh so sad. Some weddings are like that though, especially when the one you love is marrying someone else or your marriage is falling apart, etc. etc.

Wow, I really meant to write more about the song rather than a OTH review, but I think that’s why I love the song so much. It added so much weight to a moment in one of my favorite series. I hear music everywhere and I love when I hear a great song on a great TV show during a great moment.

Check it out for yourself. The song is also featured in one of my favorite films “The Last Kiss” starring Zach Braff, who always has the best soundtracks in his films. I’ll write a post on the film in the future!

‘Til next time!


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Hi! I’m Ke’ara and I love writing about and over-analyzing the tropes and aesthetics of my favorite TV shows, movies, and tunes. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them though. Hope you all enjoy!

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