Happy New Year!

Hi everyone!

I’m a few weeks late, but I just wanted to check in to wish you all a wonderful new year! I’m very optimistic that this year will be full of possibilities and opportunities for you all and myself. I had such an amazing time really getting my blog up and running last year and letting you all get to know me and my taste in television, music, and film…especially television.


I’m working on a couple of posts now to get out soon and I want to keep the momentum going. I love talking about the things that I love and I am glad that some of you have reached out and shared your own tastes in tv, film, and music. It’s a great community to be a part of and we’re only going to get better. Once again, thank you all for sticking around and let’s continue to keep the conversation going!

Here’s to one of my favorite New Year’s Eve television moments brought to you by The OC.

The Oc 1

The oc 2

‘Til next time!


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Hi! I’m Ke’ara and I love writing about and over-analyzing the tropes and aesthetics of my favorite TV shows, movies, and tunes. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them though. Hope you all enjoy!

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