Music: “10 Mile Stereo” by Beach House

Hello, hello!

Feels good to be back. There has been a lot of amazing things going on in my life for the past few weeks. I’ve been too drained to write, because all of my energy has happily been put into living life and getting my career and academic priorities in line. But alas, I am back to doing some serious writing damage! Are y’all excited? I’m excited.

I’ve missed writing and “reviewing” (re: going on a tangent) about the things that I love the most: television, music, and film. I have a ton of tv and film reviews that I am working on, but I usually do the music ones on a whim, because I’m constantly listening for inspiration. So here’s a song that has been a beautiful muse for a few years now.

I first heard “10 Mile Stereo” my freshman year in college. So it’s been maybe 4 or 5 years ago now. I went to school in Austin, TX so the indie music scene is bananas. And this was before I found out about SXSW and ACL. I was already an alternative rock fan, but living in this city just jolted my music taste and broadened my music horizons on so many levels. I honestly can’t really put into words the kinds of music I discovered and how I discovered it. The moments were just so darn transcendent. I would be walking downtown, passing some random bar and it would be playing a ‘cover’ of a song that I had never heard of. I would walk in to check it out, and it would be the actual band playing their own music during happy hour. People would just be sitting having business meetings and studying. Then I’d see some of them look up and nod their heads in solidarity and absolute awe of the music.

For this song in particular, I was walking down my school’s shopping street, The Drag, and was passing an Urban Outfitters. I just happened to walk in because the music was amazing. After browsing the racks – not really intending on buying anything, because college had me broke like no joke. The cashier was like, “check out this playlist of free music. What’s your email and we’ll send you the link.” So yeah, got to my dorm and checked out the music. There were a lot of amazing tunes that obviously caught my ear, because I always had a knack for realizing good music. No seriously, my music taste expands across the genre boards. When it’s good, it’s good. Most of the tunes on the list were indie/alternative with a natural Austin-y sound. ’10 Mile Stereo’ quickly became a favorite and I haven’t looked back since.

The song would go on to help induce content inspiration for several of my most enduring papers and projects. It also helped me sleep during those times when finals slapped me around and spartan kicked the wind out of me. Then there would be days where walked to class and needed a little soundtrack to get my mind on track. ’10 Mile Stereo’ never let me down and created a whimsical atmosphere – putting some pep in my step.

There reason I am writing this is because the track played in my shuffled iTunes library as I scrambled to do some reading for grad school prep. I paused, smiled, and here I am…

Thanks Beach House and quirky cashier at Urban Outfitters.

‘Til next time.



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Hi! I’m Ke’ara and I love writing about and over-analyzing the tropes and aesthetics of my favorite TV shows, movies, and tunes. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them though. Hope you all enjoy!

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