About Ke’ara

Thank you for visiting my blog. I love writing about and over-analyzing the characters, tropes, and aesthetics of my favorite TV series, films, and music genres. I mostly just enjoy watching and listening to them, though. Hope you all enjoy!

If you guys ever want to chat about TV, music, film, life after college, or life in general – please email me at keara.outtamymind@gmail.com.

P.S. I just started graduate school to get my masters in TV Producing – so please send some tips if you’re a grad student or in the media biz and would like to reach out. I’d really appreciate it!

Follow me on Tumblr and Twitter @KHOuttaMyMind


2 thoughts on “About Ke’ara”

  1. Do you have twitter acount or facebook. İ really want to chat with you about tv teen dramas. İ live in Turkey but i obsessed with american teen tv series. please if you read this comment, contact me. my twitter account: @mertkytrk my mail: mertkytrk@gmail.com i really wnat to chat with you. forgive my bad grammar. 🙂

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