TV: Felicity Reunion (Panel)

Hey guys!

Ok, so I’ve been so busy writing my grad school thesis that I forgot to post about me meeting the cast of…FELICITY. I volunteered at the Austin Television Festival last month and got to attend the Felicity: 20 Year Reunion panel. I attended the panel with my freshman year roomie – the one that binged the show with me even though we had actual studying to do. 🙂

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.29.53 PM

First off, I showed up hella early for the line. I was the first person there but it was super hot out (Texas, come on now) so I went to the nearby hotel for some refreshments. I was gone no more than 20 minutes but when I came back there was already like six people in line. Since I knew that the line was going to be outrageous, I just took my place and tried not to fry in the sun. Didn’t help that I was wearing my black “Team Noel” shirt.

I had great conversations with the other fans. A lot of them had only started binging the show on Hulu but there were others who watched it from the original airing and others like myself who caught it a little later. I started watching 10 years ago on DVD.

But the panel was EVERYTHING. I was happy, sad, eager, and just feeling so many emotions at once. I chugged down a mimosa and settled down. Everyone was there, which was amazing! They all looked great! Rob Benedict showed up later for the actual panel. I met him before at a Supernatural convention in Dallas, TX. He and his band are great!

Screen Shot 2018-07-14 at 10.28.25 PM
I don’t own this photo, but wow look at everyone!

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The night before, I got to meet Scott Foley at his Whiskey Cavalier pilot premiere. When I say that I was shaking so hard that my teeth were chattering, I’m not exaggerating. I’m kind of sad that I couldn’t hold still enough to get a decent photo but at least I got to quickly meet him. It was like the scene from Mean Girls where all the animals were attacking at the mall. I asked him about and he endorsed me to get the site updated with some new content. Dude, if someone spotted me a couple thousand bucks I would. I absolutely would!

When it came to the audience Q&A segment at the Felicity panel, I rushed my way to the mic because this would probably be my only shot to talk to the cast. I had to take my chance. Here’s what happened:

I reminded Scott Foley about and asked Scott Speedman if he’d be back on Animal Kingdom or Grey’s Anatomy. I thought his guest appearance on Grey’s was great. Like I felt the chemistry between him and Meredith so I definitely wanted him to return. Maybe one day…

UPDATE: Here’s the full panel. You can find me around 1:05:03!

All in all, Felicity will forever be one of my favorite television series because everytime I watch it, I connect with it in a different way. I continue to grow with it even though the show premiered 20 years ago! Hopefully one day they’ll get that reunion mini-series going and I can actually have a one-on-one talk with my favorite cast.

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So much television!

Hey everyone!

Good news, I am 2/3 done with graduate school and will soon be heading to the city of angels for the last stretch! Super awesome but also super stressful. Anyway, in the midst of my final projects a little while ago, I was sought out by and got the chance to check out their carefully compiled list of top picks for live streaming, on-demand streaming, and the best streaming device. Because that’s how we really watch TV these days.

Am I wrong?

Their list also helps figure out where to watch all of this amazing television that’s now available to us. Seriously, after a lifetime of watching TV and a year studying television, I am just amazed at how this medium has evolved and how the ways in which we access our favorite shows have evolved. Beautiful.

Anyway, check out the list if you have a moment and want to narrow down how you’re watching your favorite programs! Keep yourself entertained!

bones 42
Don’t be like this guy.


‘Til next time!

What a Gal!

Gal Gadot is WONDERFUL in “Wonder Woman”! I can admit when I need to eat my own words. I may have not been that impressed with her in Batman v Superman, but I sure was on the edge of my seat watching her kick butt this time around! What a justice she does for Wonder Woman’s first solo feature film! Bravo! Can’t wait to see more of her in Justice League.

Diana to the rescue!

Also, Themyscira was absolutely stunning and I couldn’t get enough of The Amazons! They were fierce! I wish the film could have spent more time on “Paradise Island”, but we, of course, had to get the ball rolling and enter the land of war and men.


Music: “Bored” by Billie Eilish

So, it was confirmed today that there will be a second season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why!

I know a lot of us are still getting back to our normal selves after watching the first season. It’s been about a month now, but I still find myself staring off into space thinking about how hard this show hit me. I couldn’t eat or sleep during the couple of days that I spent binging it. I had to pause and step away during some of the episodes, so it took me nearly a week to finally get to the last episode. Honestly, I had to pace myself, because the storylines sent me on a roller-coaster of emotions and I found myself having to catch my breath while watching.


Which brings me to this track – “Bored” – and no, this show was anything but boring. I have so much to say about this show, but I won’t be able to really talk about it just yet. I need to give myself an honest re-watch to pay attention to other things and not solely on the emotional aspects. Listening to Billie Eilish’s “Bored” puts all of my emotions into one song. When it opens, there’s this sigh of relief as if Billie is taking a deep breath and coming up for air after being bottled down with so much emotion.

As I really listen to the song, it reminds me of how “bored” I am with mundane things like gossip, trying to look pretty for certain people when they probably could care less, keeping up with the “cool people”, and just trying to impress people that I honestly do not care about and who honestly do not have any significance in my life. Kind of like the “joys” of high school, huh? But if I’m being candid, these mundane things have followed me beyond high school into my adult life and it’s time to shed them! “What makes you sure you’re all I need?” Seriously, I’m so bored with all the crap that people my age worry and care about when there’s this large world out there that deserves my attention, effort, and breath. “Giving you every piece of me.”

And maybe this song is about a girl bored with her romantic relationship. She puts her all into the relationship and the guy always comes up short. The effort just really takes a toll on her and she finally realizes that she’s bored. She’s bored with the idea of the two of them together because he really doesn’t matter. She should be adored instead of ignored. And all of her time and effort spent on him is just not worth it anymore.


Then, of course, this song perfectly brings Hannah’s thoughts to a close observation from 13 Reasons Why. All of the stress and harassment that she received from the kids at her school just made her bored. She became bored with her own life because they were a part of it. Bored with having to continue the routine of going to school and trying to feel excited about something and to have a bunch of bullies snatch it away from her. It’s very sad and heartbreaking to watch and Billie just gives Hannah ANOTHER voice beyond the grave to try to understand her emotions. I don’t agree with Hannah ending her own life, but if you asked me if I’ve ever felt a similar way – I would be lying if I said that being a teen was smooth sailing. During that time, the world is just so small with the hallways and the classrooms. It seems like anything else beyond those four years are light-years away or impossible to achieve.

I am grateful every day that I made it out and that I got the chance to meet my baby brother who was born during my sophomore year. Freshman year took a toll on me and there were moments where I wished it all would fade to black. I’m just glad that a bigger presence out there beyond this world allowed me to hold on and wait for the good part. Wait for the spark. Wait for the worthiness of life.

This song just brings it all to the surface. And for anyone who is struggling with depression or harassment in school and even outside of school, please keep in mind that life is rich and those that try to taint the way you journey through it are insignificant. They are merely pebbles that you have to kick away from you so that you can clear your path.

Take a deep breath and take it all in and please don’t be bored with life and find something that truly makes you excited to wake up every day. Give this song a listen and really take it all in. Peace and love to all of you!

‘Til next time.


Where Have I Been?

Hi everyone!

I’m so glad that many of you have been checking out my posts! I’m definitely working on a few new things, but I’ve been gearing up for grad school and just trying to decompress. It’s only May and I already feel like it’s been a long year.

With that said, I’ll try to have some new posts here for the summer before I dive into my first semester of school!

Take care and watch lots of TV!