Where Have I Been?

Hi everyone!

I’m so glad that many of you have been checking out my posts! I’m definitely working on a few new things, but I’ve been gearing up for grad school and just trying to decompress. It’s only May and I already feel like it’s been a long year.

With that said, I’ll try to have some new posts here for the summer before I dive into my first semester of school!

Take care and watch lots of TV!


Checking In!

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to check in with you all and let you know that I’m here and I’m watching a TON of TV. As usual. Ok, so I’m planning a bunch of posts for 2017. I want to talk about more TV, but also continue to spotlight some of my favorite films and songs, etc.

Here’s what I’m thinking: On a monthly basis, I want to have at least ONE extensive TV post and a film review. Here and there I’ll post about music because those are a lot easier and faster to do. I’ve been watching newer TV series lately, but I definitely want to continue talking about my favorite classics. This means that some rewatching is required.

I’m glad that you all have been enjoying my content as reading takes a lot more time to do versus watching reviews on Youtube or something. I hope you all are well and enjoying the holiday season!

Let me know what you’re watching. 🙂

‘Til next time.

Just a little note…

As we all know right now, the U.S. made a big decision this week that’s hurting a lot of people – including myself. I’m honestly struggling to wrap my head around it. I’m trying to find something that genuinely takes my mind off of it and brings me back down to earth. So my writing will be more sporadic than usual. I’m still working on Roswell, but I find that my passion for writing it has waivered a bit.

But please stick around and read my other material. I will return bolder and as clever as ever with my non-stoppings about TV (and music and film).

Hang tight. We all need time right now.